Thursday, June 2, 2011

Building the Killzone "Booster Pack" Tables: Part II.5

Today was a very long day which was mostly spent driving from Games Plus to Hobby Lobby for useful materials for our "Booster Pack" tables. I had ran out of most of my balsa and basswood sticks and needed a fresh supply for the rest of my trenches, so I got a handful - probably more than I'll need? Then, at Games Plus I stumbled upon a product that I had been ogling online just a couple of hours before we left on our shopping spree. I didn't have to pay for shipping. Score! What was the item, you might ask?

Masterclass Scenics: Mud & Water Bundle - $20.00
from Secret Weapon Miniatures

Come on! With all of the trenches, piles of mud and mine fields I've got going on I just couldn't say no to a kit that makes such cool-lookin' mud AND has a bunch of "water effect" that does not suck. There's a brilliant tutorial on the website to boot.. I'm pretty excited, actually. I just can't wait to be able to throw some mud on my 2'x2', you know?

This is not the first time I've invested in SWM. If you remember, I bought a Rahael 8404 Kolinsky Red Sable brush which I have been using non-stop and have been loving every single.... er.... stroke (Shame on you!!!) with it?

Also purchased a cheap-O set of small resin barrels and crates, because why the heck not? Other than that, I managed to mix more spackling and planks on the side of the smaller and bigger trench and started a small wooden bridge! Joe also worked on his bridge and bought a few things for his tables as well. Nothing too crazy or deserving fancy pictures yet, I'm afraid.

However, we're are already discussing the crazy shenanigans we'll be attempting at Adepticon 2012, and boy is it going to be phatasmagorian! Let's just say that it is time for the orkz to be more kunnin' than brutal.

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