Sunday, June 19, 2011

Silensurz Kommando #6: Grimjaw

The tale of Grimjaw is always spoken in hushed tones..
With Waaaagh! Gorfist's premature end*, Grimjaw and his clan of Orkz found themselves "advancing in the opposite direction", eager to fight whatever it was, as long as was willin' to put up a good fight. Da boyz didn't have to wait long. Weeks into its voyage, Grimjaw's krooza was hit fast and hard by dozens of Dark Eldar raiders. Their superior weaponry quickly went through the primite Ork defenses, disintegrating entire sections of the spaceship with their dark lances. The orkz fought well, but so did the denizens of Commoragh who were systematically eliminating any resistance with precise strikes, ambushes and assaults. Despite their numbers, the Ork crew was getting slaugthered and its numbers were dwindling.

The final battle was in the krooza's "kontrol room". Grimjaw, his Warboss and a handful of other boyz and Nobz were fending off the Dark Eldar, but the cruel blades of the space elves and their poisonous aresenal proved too much for the crew. When the Archon of the Cabal chargd towards Warboss Gorfist, it was Grimjaw who tried to stop him only to find the end of an Agoniser protruding from his back. As the sadistic nature of the blade worked its magic and every nerve in Grimjaw's body spasmed in burning agony he couldn't look away from the sight of the Archon and his Warboss fighting the final battle.
Although Gorfist was three times the size of the Dark Eldar and his skin was absorbing many of the brutal nicks and cuts it was the Archon's speed that ended it all. Swiftly dodging a deadly power klaw blow, the Archon stabbed the Warboss in the throat and drove the blade towards the Ork's brain.
But when the remaining Orkz were squabbling and trying to flee the battle scene, Grimjaw did not falter. His body was numb and his limbs were limp from the pain, but in that time of need Gork (or possibly Mork) smiled upon the paralyzed ork with a sudden burst of energy. Finally able to stand up, Grimjaw's agility surprised even the Archon when his left hand grabbed his thin, pale throat. The ork could have extinguished the Dark Elf's life there and then, but he opted for something else! He stabbed with his big shoota, bayonet first, between the Archon's legs impaling him until Grimjaw's trigger finger ended in his stomach. He then pointed the dark panzee's head towards his retinue and pressed the trigger. The deadly salvo crushed the Archon's head like a ripe melon, sending grey matter across the room and the brain-soaked bullets mowed down the shocked Dark Eldar in the room, sending the rest of them fleeing for their lives.

 With the mutilated Dark Eldar body still around his arm, Grimjaw blacked out. When the brave Ork finally woke up weeks later, he realized that all of the nerves in his body were forever gone. He could move and act as normal, but his senses and all traces of pain were non-existent. This also stopped his growth, which was what prevented him from becoming a Warboss after his heroic feat.

One day the Ork in agony was simply gone and as per usual, his name was quickly forgotten due to often head traumas. Left is the legend of the ork who impaled and shot his big shoota inside an Archon's body.
Some say that he is currently part of a Blood Axe clan and is earning his food as a silent but deadly mercenary. And who knows? They could be right..


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  1. Best story so far from the Silensurz! And absolutely my fav model!! you better paint this motherfucker good! Or ill impale you and press the triger :P
    Joking :D

    p.p: Not really X_X


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