Friday, June 10, 2011

Silensurz Kommando #1: Killface

Before joining Da Silensurz, Killface was a dead killy Stormboy with many battles behind his scarred back, but It wasn't until his entire mob of boyz, his Warboss and every other ork besides him got wiped out of their planet by the hammer of the Inquisition that Killface decided to play it cool and think for once. Sneakin' around like a grot he hid underneath an Inquisitorial Chimera using a magnetized tankbusta bomb and waited patiently until the vehicle returned to the ship. There Killface lurked in the shadows, killing and eating unfortunate passengers until the day Mork (or possibly Gork) smiled upon him and sent an Ork Krooza straight into the hull of the ship. Long story short, Killface managed to reunite with the invading Orkz and after revenge was served he decided that some thinking and patience were pretty cool as long as they led to some blood on his bladez. Silent - even when not on a mission, Killface always wears his Stormboy bandana around his mouth and nose unless he's eating or drinking and even then he stays away from others. Da Silensurz were the first Blood Axes that he stumbled upon after his "imprisonment" and despite their noisy big shoota raids, Killface enjoys the company of the other Kommandos. They are a nice distraction, allowing him to move and strike unnoticed.


  1. Great back stop for model that truly deserves an epic story to match his face.

  2. Haha, glad you liked it. The head is from the Stormboyz sprue and just screamed "Kommando" to me. There will be another model tomorrow.

  3. Dam I think I was drunk when I wrote that comment. Should of came out "Great back STORY for A model that trly deserves an epic story to match his face".

    Looking forward to see what you have in store for us. Thanks for sharing.

  4. A cool little bit of fluff for him.


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