Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reinforcements Arrive: Kromlech's "Ork War 2" Goodness!

Just a quick reminder: Only a week left until the Wolves for the Wolf God Giveaway. You can still join the fun for a shot at some awesome Forge Wold goodness. For FREE! 

Today is a good day for my lungs as some more precious resin found its way to my doorstep. With the "MYSTERY" conversion set I got from Forge World I decided to also invest in some other variations, this time from the glorious Kromlech Conversion Bits and Accessories website. According to the website "Kromlech is a small company located in Warsaw, Poland." Hey, I've been in Warsaw! On a connection flight... for 2 hours.. 

Kromlech Blister Pack
I ordered the Kromlech bitz a few days before the Forge World purchase, but it makes sense. It's an independent company and I bet everything is made on demand. Everything I ordered came in a nice, fancy blister pack that had my entire order in it. It was sturdy and more importantly - incredibly easy to open. That's a huge plus, especially if you're opening a pack of resin bitz!

From Kromlech Bits and Minis' eBay store I ordered: 
- A set of Kromlech OW2 Large Backpacks (Orc War 2, ork, post-apo) for $9.29
- A set of Kromlech Orc "Running" Legs (Orc War 2, ork, post-apo) for $7.90

Kromlech: The Opening
Above is the picture of all the things that came in the package: the legs, the backpacks (you get x2 of each kind) and... waidaminute.. Wut's dat, Boss? There an 'ead and a cyborky hand in it. We didn't pay for 'em! How nice of Kromlech to include some related products to show off their line of resin models! Definitely a nice deed, Kromlech! I got one of the klaw bitz from Kromlech's Kromlech Mechanical Crushers and an officer 'ead from their Kromlech Orc Officer Head. The head is trully awesome, but I'll have to think how to include the power klaw in my army. When I was cleaning the little flash it had one of the fingers became too wobbly (I'm afraid it's the actual design of the klaw itself..) but nothing some green stuff cannot fix! Hey, I'm not complainin'. When life gives you power klaws, make WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHmonade.

"Karpe Diem, ye git!" - Kommando Offisur Killahand

Da Legz:
Dey see us WAAAAAGH!-in', dey'z runnin'..
Each "running" set of legs is unique, allowing for different poses, which is pretty cool. The Kromlech legs definitely match the 40k Ork design, but also have a touch of Polish innovation and creativity in them as well.

They came with barely any flash or mold lines and had a very plastic feel to them. Easy easy to clean, no traces of mold release agent whatsoever.

Da Packz:
Dun forget to pack yer lunch!
The backpacks come with plenty of grenades, stikkbombz and are very bulky and very orky! Had more mold lines that the legs, but it is understandable. With great detail comes great responsibility... or something. You can even see the release rings on the grenades. These should add some variety to the items from the "MYSTERY Forge World conversion kit" I already own for my "MYSTERY Killzone Army".

You know, the ones soaking in the "MYSTERY CLEANING SOLUTION"? Hurr, hurr, hurr..

Also, the Kromlech pieces are heavier than the Forge World ones and the majority of them sunk on the bottom of the cleaning solution. Just in case there is any mold release agent on them.

But yeah. Definitely happy with Kromlech's items and would love to buy from them again. Also, what are the chances that the day I order stuff for my Kommandos they release these?
After few orc headswaps releases for Orc War 2 Free Germany now we have something for Brits.
Orc Commando Heads in woolen caps.
Sculpted by Michał Sosnowski.
Painted by Edwin Smolinski.

Volunteer Orcs form Unit 53 serve as infiltrators in North Africa and Middle East. There are few Orc serving in British Army but these from Unit 53 are most loyal and worthy allies.

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