Fenrisian Flea Market

Here I will post some of the bitz that I need for various conversions and kit-bashes. I'm willing to trade and/or buy, but will also accept "donations". If you have any suggestions, offers or questions my email is
neiskata DOT gak AT gmail DOT com

Warhammer 40,000: 
As many plastic Ork Deff Koptas from Assault on Black Reach as possible, NOT built

1 Tyranid Gargoyle 
- for a Space Wolves diorama

Warhammer Fantasy 
High Elves:
1-3 White Lions from the High Elf Chariot kit and/or 1 Lion Pauldron
- want to convert the Lions into Sabretusks for my Ogres

The Empire
As many as possible - enchanted mirrors from the Luminark of Hysh
- for an Ork Zapp Gun conversion AND a Super-Secret-Project for Adepticon 2013!

Any number of the spiked collar that comes in the Giant kit

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