Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Building the Killzone "Booster Pack" Tables: Part II

It's always like a holiday when "Frozencore" Joe stops by for some good ole hobby-time. Even on Memorial Day. That's like a double rain--- holiday, all across the sky. I know I promised you an update on Sunday, but with work being annoying and what not we had to postpone everything. But, no worries - we did meet up and a lot of progress was made.

The materials:
Ork Barricades - Resin. You get 6 different barricades for $22. Amazing, considering some of the bits you would need to duplicate them. One of the barricades is a wrecked Ork buggy!
Dap Drydex Spackling - A pink spackling that turns white when completely dry. Used for the "muddy" surface beneath the wooden boards and planks in the trenches and to raise areas.
Balsa and basswood sticks - Various lengths and widths for the ramshackle look of the trench boards used for support.
Gorilla Wood Glue - for gluing. Duh!
Master-crafted Digital Weapons -That would be yer hands!

Skarvald the Troll-faced: This week I wanted to work on the trenches!
Now with even more junk! 

From this angle you can see some of the added terrain pieces I'll be using for my Kommando camp. Yep, that's right - some Games Workshop Citadel resin terrain up in this joint, ladies and gentlemen. Definitely not the type of resin Finecast boasts to be, but it is sturdy, easy to clean (almost no mold lines, just some flash) and the money spent for all 6 barricades is definitely one of the better "investments" I've made by buying Games Workshop. They are all very detailed, save you so much time and so many bits and for some reason not many people use them. Dunno why, lol.

Trench WAAAAAAAGHfare!
First-time spackle user here. Basically what I did was I just cut a lot of planks out of the balsa and basswood for the support of the trenches and applied a bunch of spackle beneath them, after which I just pressed them into the pink substance to dry and hopefully the spackle was going to sort of "glue" them in place, sort of like Green Stuff. It takes a while to dry, especially with the humidity, I guess. Be patient.. I wasn't...

The planks on the bottom were fine. With the exception of 2 boards they are going nowhere unless you really, really want to remove them and even then you'd need S5 of S6. The planks on the side? Ehhh.. Some locations were just too flimsy and on expection I just had to completely remove them, scrape off the spackle and just use plenty of wood glue. Not sure if I didn't have enough spackle behind them, if it wasn't dry enough (there was still some pink behind the planks).. All I know is that for the big trench I'll probably just use wood glue on top of a thin layer of spackle. Yes, it did work for the bottom part of the trenches, but I'd rather gave the side planks be firmly in place without having to check each and every one of them. Overall I was happy with the effect, though. It doesn't look like anything right now but after some careful sanding, gluing and priming, the spackle will be a  nice base for the mud in the trenches.

"Frozencore" Joe:  While my orkz couldn't be bothered with doing any actual measurements or precise cuts for... anything, Joe's Imperial city requires some "mathematizing" and fancy architectural... things. Lets just say that as I was making a mess by applying spackle with my fingers and forcing wooden planks into the pink stuff (heh..), Joe was measuring twice and cutting once.  
And he had to, because bridges are supposed to be nice and leveled, otherwise they'd be just as safe as a minefield. Joe really wanted to achieve a vertical effect with his 2'x2' board. Basically guys could walk over or under the bridge for some interesting LoS options. There is going to be one more bridge in the middle and the only thing missing from the current bridges are some "guard rails" on the sides. And yes, each step was cut out of white foamcore and then glued with wood glue. The crevices between the pink foam bits I filled with spackle!

We are meeting again this Wednesday when I hopefully will be able to finish both trenches and then maybe strart working on the minefield? Who knows.. I guess you'll have to stop by tomorrow. :)

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  1. Love the work on the Kill Zone tables and terrain so far. Great set of rules, and while I didn't have a chance to play it at Adepticon this past year, I got to watch a bit of it and it makes me pray for it for next year!


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