Thursday, November 18, 2010

New 40k Rulebook FAQ: Krumpin' mek got easier, Boss!

Now with more cheese!
Hear ye, hear ye! Check out the brand spankin' new Warhammer 40,000: RULEBOOK Official Update Version 1.1!! That's right! Finally we see a second wave of Frequently Asked Questions being answered and this update is gooooooood! From a myriad of obvious revelations to answering important questions about IC's and vehicles that have been in the grey area for years! With the release of Dark Eldar there are also a lot of clarifications about the way Skimmers are supposed to work.
What are you waiting for? Open the link already and print yourself a copy of the FAQ, then stick it in your Rulebook. You'll thank me later... ;P

And now....

Probably the most important question answered...

The Question that always starts arguments in my LGS and will, without a doubt change the way 40k is played..

Q: If a vehicle moved during its last Movement phase, but is immobilised by the time a model's initiative value is reached in close combat, what roll is needed to hit it?
A: It will be hit automatically!
There! It has been answered! We finally know what happens when you assault a vehicle that you immobilized in your Shooting phase. No longer is #4 on the Vehicle Damage table useless to you when you're assaulting the vehicle. This changes everything! I don't know about you, but I have been playing this the wrong way for more than a year and everyone I know - veteran players, hobby specialists and store managers have been telling me the same thing over and over again, even though it never made sense to me. Immobilizing a vehicle is now finally important during your phase. What does that mean?

This WILL have an effect on the current meta. Vehicles just got easier to destroy as long as you have a way of assaulting what just got immobilized. This also makes Power Fists, Power Klaws and Thunder Hammers so much better! Striking at Initiative 1 means that if your faster and weaker buddies manage to score any lucky glances that immobilize the vehicle before you get to hit, you will automatically hit it.
This is a huge buff to armies that need to assault in order to destroy vehicles.

Imagine this: You're playing Orkz and someone just moved more than 6 inches, hoping that you won't be able to do anything to his vehicle, because you'll need 6's to even hit. Your Boyz, lead by a Nob charge him anyways. Almost all attacks fail but a lucky Ork Boy manages to roll a 6 to hit, then rolls a 6 to glance and then a 6 to immobilize your opponent's vehicle. What does that mean? Well, for one - your Nob with a Power Klaw will be able to take advantage of the now immobilized vehicle and his three S9 attacks will automatically hit.
This is HUGE as it gives you a very good chance of destroying the vehicle. From needing 6's to even hit with your powerful attacks you now don't even need to roll, just see if you can roll that 2+ to penetrate. Otherwise it's just a glance. An AUTOMATIC glance. Hehehe..

Of course, this is awesome for all other armies, however Orkz won't care if they are on the receiving end of this new ruling, because their vehicles are already pathetically easy to krump.
Rolling those S4 attacks on your Marines now is even more important if you are carrying a Power Fist in the squad too. The few ranged vehicle-popping units that Tyranids have are even better now, because if they manage to glance and immobilze, the other members of the Hive Fleet will hit be hitting automatically on the same turn, instead of having to wait until the next opportunity.

Lots of interesting changes and answers in this FAQ, eh? What do you think about some of the new clarifications? Were they surprising to you?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Planetstrike with Space Wolves 2: Angels Fall First

"Like angels of death they descended behind our lines - Blood Angels. Feh! I could smell the stench of the promethium burning inside their jump packs.. Even the iron discipline instilled in our Thunderwolves could not stop them from growling impatiently, wishing without a doubt to rend the Angels to shreds as we lurked from afar. Our bastions fell and we died like the Emperor's dogs should - with dignity and ferocity only rivaled by the treacherous Angels. As our Battle Brothers died, me and my Thunderwolf Guard taunted them by infiltrating their own stronghold as we desperately tried to win precious time for our reinforcements. We faced their charge with a counter-attack of our own and I made sure to punish every Blood Angel sevenfold for every dead Space Wolf. With cunning akin to Lukas the Trickster's, we managed to hold the Angel's fortress (or what was left of it!) but even when our Wolf Brothers arrived, the tide of this savage massacre did not favor us. And praise Russ - neither did it favor the Blood Angels" - Skarvald the Troll-faced

For the battle report describing my second clash against the Blood Angels (this time played by my friend Vince) and to witness the desperate fight for survival, please join me after the break!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dark Eldar Release

Well the glorious day is finally here, and to say that I am really excited would be an understatement. While I keep a calm face in my normal life on the inside it is all (black, vindictive, and decadent) unicorns and rainbows (created by light passing through the blood of enemies of the dark eldar).

I received my first models on Thursday, and I have been assembling almost non-stop since then. As I work with a feverish determination created by 9 long years of waiting, I have come across a few issues. Firstly, the raiders take an incredible amount of time to put together. I mean it verges on insanity. The first two I put together in the company of my friends, and while I took two breaks for lunch and dinner I worked from around 1pm to 1 am and completed only two raiders. Yeah two raiders in about twelve hours (plus time for chit chat and eating). The second two only took around 2-3 hours each, but that still seems overly time consuming.

The warrior squads (of which I am on the second) put together longer than their craftworld cousins, and they are the only models I have ever put together that have a "butt plate" that you need to glue on.

Even though each an every model takes a lot of time to assemble it really is a joy to see them come together. I must say that all of the figures in the range are really amazing works of art. As my army continues to grow I keep getting more and more impressed by the quality of the miniatures. My old warriors look foolish in comparison with their newer cousins, and while I had initially considered mixing my old raiders in with the new, as they are still decent models, the more I look at the detail work the more I feel I should have nothing but the new kits.

My new codex force won't be entirely made up of the new GW kits, as my converted wyches will still remain. I actually plan to convert at least a few more units like a Voidraven Bomber, some Wracks, and a few Haemonculi. The bomber is on the back seat, as it seemed to really under-perform in it's first outing. The wracks, however, did fairly well, and I can see a place for them in my force.

The Wracks will be a huge endeavor on my part as I plan to put 5 different kits to use, and add copious amounts of green stuff and plasticard. For those of you who don't know Wracks are more or less humanoid creations of a mad scientist. Complete with disproportionate bare chests, hook, various sharp bits, faceless masks/helmets, tattered robes, and wires they are truly an intimidating and horrible opponent to face.
The picture alone had me "hooked" so I quickly brainstormed up some ideas. So far I am going with Empire Flagellant legs and arms, Ungor Torsos, Chaos Warrior and Wych helmets, Dark Elf Corsair Weapons, various extra bits from the Raider and Warrior sprues, and of course plasticard, green stuff and wire. It will be a lot of work, so I will post my progress as I go.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

WIP: Vindicator Narwhal and Optional Rules!

I already shared with you my desire to turn the old Vindicator I got into something more creative and fluffy, right? Well I have a thing for naming every vehicle in my army and once this bad boy was assembled I just had to name it Narwhal - a brutal monstrosity with a weapon that brings death to its enemies. Of course I had to figure out a way to make Vindicator Narwhal deserve its name.. So I used green stuff to come up with something that resembled a narwhal's cool facial horn.. At first I wanted to make a cover for its gun, but then I said to myself "Ah, what the heck! It can just shoot horn-shaped shells. Space Wolves would totally do that, right?"

Vindicator Narwhal
The narwhal's horn was created by twisting two horn-shaped pieces of green stuff together. I let it dry for 20-ish hours and then started coating it with super glue. I'd say I put 3 pretty heavy coats of it to make sure the narwhal horn was sturdy. It it simply glued in place inside the Demolisher Cannon. I'll probably end up using magnets to keep it in place as I'm afraid that it will break while I carry it around.

I even wrote down some fluff and optional rules for it. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll use it in a campaign or an Apocalypse game. 

Vindicator Narwhal
Vindicator Narwhal is the oldest vehicle and one of the few tanks of its caliber in Harald Deathwolf's Great Company. This venerable lumbering behemoth is one of a kind and its service brings great honor to those that fight beside it. Narwhal was first built as a prototype Vindicator whose Demolisher cannon was able to shoot standard shells and the specialized Narwhal krak missiles - ivory-hued horn-shaped shells that were to be used to flatten obstacles such as deep ice and icebergs by penetrating deep into its target and then exploding from within like an erupting volcano. The idea was that this type of ammunition would give the Vindicator a supporting role outside urban turf, especially on Fenris itself. Often used to destroy vast areas of ice to hinder the enemy's movement and deny flanks, Narwhal quickly became Deathwolf's favorite asset aside of his prized Thunderwolves. It was not until its special ammunition went through one of the frozen seas of Fenris and accidentally skewered and annihilated a kraken that Narwhal's true potential was unlocked. 
It is said that Ulrik the Slayer himself decided to test the tank's usefulness against other similar creatures. During a campaign against a Tyranid invasion the Vindicator did indeed prove useful against the thick carapace of Carnifexes and Trygons, its sharp torpedo-like ammunition penetrating deep and then showering the triumphant Space Wolves with the acidic gore of its prey. When it didn't prove fatal, the narwhal krak missiles stunned even the most ferocious of beasts, letting others to create their own sagas by dealing the finishing blow. Even nowadays Harald's personal manufactorum produces the unique shells, letting Vindicator Narwhal to continue its excellent service in his Great Company. 
Yet, it still remains a prototype.

Vindicator Narwhal........................................... 170 points
BS4 F13 S11 R10

*Composition: 1 Vindicator (Unique)
*Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank)

Demolisher cannon
Storm bolter
Smoke launchers
Siege shield

May take any of the following:
Storm bolter...................................................5 points
Hunter-killer missile......................................10 points
Extra armour................................................10 points

Narwhal Krak Missiles: In addition to its standard Demolisher Cannon, this Vindicator has a unique set of ammunition that is especially effective against Monstrous Creatures.
Range                    Strength             AP                          Type
    36''                           8                    2                  Heavy 1, Beastlayer*

*Rerolls to wound against walkers, monstrous creatures or models with Toughness of 5 or more. Unsaved wounds from the Narwhal Krak Missile count as wounds inflicted by a thunder hammer.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WIP: Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf (Skarvald the Troll-faced)

Here are some quick shots I took of my current project - Skarvald the Troll-faced himself! Of course I still need to do some minor cleaning around his armor - mainly get rid of excess green stuff (especially the one I used to connect his Chaos Marauder Horseman's head with). He is not yet attached to Garfrost (his Thunderwolf) because I want to paint him separately. He is also going to be painted without his backpack for two reasons: 1) easier access to some spots on his power armor; 2) still need to finish and attach Harald Deathwolf's Great Company battle standard (also WIP) to his backpack.

"This is sticky tack beneath my arse, NOT a cushion!"

I like what he's turning out to be. This is my first conversion for a "special" character, especially an HQ choice. While there is not a whole lot of converting going on I really feel that the model is unique and has its own charisma when fielded on the tabletop. I think his expression shows his ferocity and eagerness to rip his opponent a new one AND the individualism that defines every Space Wolf.

In the game, Skarvald the Troll-faced is a Wolf Lord with the following upgrades:
- Thunderwolf Mount
- Frost Axe (Orc Warboss on Wyvern's big choppa) and a close combat weapon (his other sword)
- Belt of Russ
- Saga of the Beastslayer
- Runic Armor

This makes him 225 pts., which is almost comparable to some of the beefier Special Characters that the Space Wolves codex has. Is he worth the points? Yes. This brave Wolf Lord has survived the unthinkable and some opponents even remove their models before I roll for his attacks. He is that awesome. 7 S6 I5 W6 power attacks WRECK when he is hitting on 3's and wounding on 2's most of the time.

His saga is still being written. I am starting a little trend where if he survives a battle I'm going to write a little narrative of the encounter from his perspective. I already have one from my fatal match against Vince's Blood Angels but I'm waiting for some pictures before I sharing with you..

Notice the ale attached to Garfrost's shield!