Saturday, June 11, 2011

Silensurz Kommando #2: Skumfang da Abombination

Recruited from a Tankbusta squad shortly after its entire Bomb Squig herd became a mile-wide crater, Skumfang is the "wild card" of da Silensurz. Too unstable to wield a rokkit launcha he was given the simple duty of lookin' after the Squigs, simply because he smells just like them and loves to bite. Also he has crazy eyes. You never give explosives to someone with the crazy eyes..  Unless you need an expendable guy.. which is what Skumfang is for the Silensurz. Often behaving just like a Bomb Squig, Skumfang will bite into a stikkbomb and just charge forward, throwing grenades and various explosives at his enemies without thinking about his safety. The noise and clouds of dust and smoke that his little act of insanity create are the perfect distraction that his ladz need. You could say that he is the ork giving cover to the orks who are giving cover. 


  1. Reminds me of Papa Loco out of Malifaux... DYNAMAAIIIIIIITE!

    Very well written, and matches the model very well. Nice work!

  2. Looks like he is trying to run straight out of the internet...get a grip on that guy before he kills someone. Loving the commandos, cheers for sharing.

  3. @Tarragon: Thank you for the kind words. Killzone really gives each model a purpose and a chance for a little bit of a backstory.

    @HOTpanda - You better watch out, he's running towards you!

  4. Damn wolfie you been busy with your new posts :O
    And with the WH obviously X_X


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