Monday, June 20, 2011

Silensurz Kommando #8: Deffgrin Gargleblasta

Carrying not one but TWO big shootas is Deffgrin Gargleblasta: Da 'eavy Wepunz Boy.
Deffgrin got the idea for his shoulder-mounted big shootas at the battle for Juglans Regia, after he witnessed more than fifty orks recklessly charging an Imperial bunker get annihilated by a pair of automated machine guns. Fortunately for him he was carrying a big shoota and was out of the turrets' range and with some persistence and luck he managed to destroy both weapons, allowing the rest of the Ork Horde to advance forward and to pillage the entire hive city. After the successful conquering of the planet Deffgrin traded all of his loot to a Big Mek for two shoulder-mounted big shootas that would lock on with the help of his bionik eye. A simple trigger device is enough to unleash a torrent of dakka at his foes from afar, turning Deffgrin into a moving heavy weapons platform, which is essentially what he does for the Silensurz. Able to effectively use his big shootas without the need for line of sight, Deffgrin Gargleblasta can just hide behind obstacles and let his guns do the hard work. 

The Big Shootas MOVE!


  1. That is straight out a Mek's Workshop. Diabolically evil.

  2. @HOTpanda: Diablo was actually just a phase of Gork's (or possibly Mork's) teenage years, my friend. And thank you for the kind words. It was my intent.

  3. Are these all custom made models Darky?

  4. So are you making them for fun and to roleplay somethign in ur ork army or this is an actual game unit?

  5. Both. They will each find their place in a Kommando unit and throughout the army I field, but their main purpose is to be part of my Special Operations Killzone team, which is a fan-made 40k skirmish version in which every model is a separate unite - an individual. Think of the game "Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines"


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