Sunday, June 19, 2011

Silensurz Kommando #7: Psyklopz

What some accomplish through marksmanship, fire volume or brutality, Psyklopz achieves with the size of his gun. Fortunately for him, jokes about overcompensating for things are lost to the Ork "civilization" and the fact that Psyklopz carries around a big shoota bigger than a Nob is seen as a feat of strength.

When a lucky lasgun shot nailed the Silensur in the eye in the battle for Punica Granatum, the ork refused to get a bionik replacement, instead preferring to spend all of his teef on a bigger, better shoota. Psyklopz' philosophy was that if his gun is da best, he'd be able to kill all of his enemies before they get to respond to his dakka. The ork's gun is easy detachable and carrying it around is pretty easy, as is putting it back together or clobbering people to death with the huge chunk of metal that it is. The one-eyed Silesur prefers to advance slowly but surely, thus out-ranging most of his foes.


  1. I think he is suffering from a manhood problem, his brain being small that is and is trying to compensate with his abnormally HUGE gun.

  2. @HOTpanda: He's probably in a mid-WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH crisis. Dohohoh.. ;3

  3. ShamalamadingdongJune 21, 2011 at 4:59 PM

    Good to see that Armorcast effect went to good use! More dakka is better dakka! Bigger gun is better gun!


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