Saturday, June 18, 2011

Something Warjacked This Way Comes!

Just ordered my first Warmachine product lured by Privateer Press' 10th Anniversary Sale! What did I get?
Oh.. nothing. JUST A FRIGGIN' KHADOR BATTLEGROUP!!! That's right. I chose to answer to the Motherland! With a Warcaster sharing my first name and a character almost sharing my last name HOW could I resist?


  1. Welcome to the fold! I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do, you've chosen a great faction, armor 20 is always tough for me to crack :(

  2. Jerk follow my blog and put me on your blog list!!!
    You always forget X_X

  3. @Brian: Oh, yes. It is on like.. like.. an.. onion. Because it has double "on" in it. And because I'm eating a doner with some fried onions in it. With that being sad, go on the PP website and check out their new Starter 2 player kit. Care to split the deliciousness of it?

    @Sgt. Brisbane: I hope so too! Finding a place to play might be an issue as my FLGS is a GW store.. soooo.. ;P But I plan on having a nice mix between Warjacks and little dudes. I love me some Widowmakers. And Reavers.

    @Jimmy: Okay, okay. Been busy! There, you've been added, bakkayaro.

  4. Are those custom made? X_X

    p.p: About time! And jerking off in your room dont count as busy Darky :D

  5. ShamalamadingdongJune 21, 2011 at 5:02 PM

    MMMMMMMMMMM I hope Winter Guard and Widow Makers are delicious...for the sake of the inbound Trollbloods of soon-to-be-mine.

  6. Your legacy shall drift away, borne into eternity like snow in a blizzard.


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