Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Silensurz Kommando #4: Daggur Bludsnagga

Wearing a fancy gas mask outfitted with the latest Ork tekknology, Daggur is just one of the many hard core Kommadoz. Like many of the Silensurz, Daggur literally has the words "kommando" and "low cunnin'" written on his DNA and because of that he always makes sure to look and behave like a true Blood Axe. Other than that he's really not known for much. Because you just can't see him most of the time. He's a Kommando, you see?


  1. Hi, Ive been following these orks of your and they look pretty great!

  2. The slugga is a great touch for this model as I feel that the glyph on it is of the Daggur himself. Kinda like he wrote his name on it with a crayon.

    PS - Did you know that all your Orks are standing on marshmallows? If only you had a burna boy in your Kill team so you could roast them.

  3. @Anon: Thank you!

    @HOTpanda: Hm, I suppose you're right!
    P.S: I happen to have 15 90% assembled Burna Boyz, you know... ;P

  4. I cannot wait to see this bad boy painted!

  5. You should check out #5! :P Da Silensurz are still in their assembly so it might take a while for them to see some paint. But they will. Oh yes, they will.

  6. So if i make a new post on my blog will it appear on your "My Blog List" ?
    And how did you put those updates there anyway. Its pretty cool actually.

  7. Can't see him <=== I get it!

    Very cool. I especially like his fuzzy slippers. ;-)


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