Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Silensurz Kommando #5: Da Ledbelcha and Corki

What Zodrukk da Gitfinda accomplishes through his unorky aim, Da Ledbelcha accomplishes through sheer amount of dakka. It was during a mission deep in the jungles of the Exenos death world that this Silensurz member got his nickname. Famous for carrying nothing but extra ammunition and his grot servant Corki, Da Ledbelcha didn't plan on the mission lasting several months or on all the vegetation and wildlife in the area to be extremely, extremely poisonous.. even for an Ork. Stuck without any food for his entire stay on Exenos he eventually had to start eating his own precious bullets... which somehow managed to help him avoid starvation. Thus the nickname.

On the battlefield Da Ledbelcha brings the definition of "dakka" to a whole new level. Through a practiced rotation of reloading he is able to shoot constantly with almost no downtime. One arm holds his big shoota as the other constantly reloads the weapon with ammo clips handed to him by Corki who is in charge of reloading the clips themselves.  


  1. How the hell did Corki not get eaten when they were they were on that mission? That is one hell of an accomplishment on his own part.

    The fluff on each of these Ork is top notch, keep up the great work as it is truly aspiring.

  2. @HOTpanda: *tries to think of something* Ah-ha! The mission was BEFORE Corki became Da Ledbelcha's "buddy".


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