Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And the WINNER of the Wolves for the Wolf God Giveway..

..and the fantastic Forge World Renegade Miltia Conversion Set, with a lucky #95 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis...


A guy with a funny mustache once said:
"Do good things and good things will happen to you"
That's right! The set of Forge World goes to the blog that initiated the incredible Pay it Forward event as a way to give back to the tabletop wargaming community. I suppose it is time for the generated good karma to smile upon the generous in the form of.. even more plastic resin dudemen! I'm sure that the guys (and the lady!) over at MWC have planty of resin crack miniatures to convert, paint and "pew pew" with, but something tells me that they won't refuse another helping of delicious Renegades..

Once again, congratulations! Thank you for following Wolves for the Wolf God and thank you for the shout out. I know that this conversion set is going to get all the love it needs to develop and become a pretty squad of vicious Renegades.. What they will look like depends on you, though! They are now yours! And now for the actual award giving ceremony.. 

MWC has a few members! Who should I give the resin set to? D; I'll let you guys (and a lady!) decide, but only if you promise me that all fights will occur on the tabletop. No fisticuffs! So... who's it gonna be, hmm? 

Galaxy Gobbo? 

Or would you like me to randomize it? It's in your hands now, but when you DO decide who deserves the conversion kit, please e-mail me at NEISKATA dot GAK at GMAIL dot COM!

And for the rest of the participants in this glorious mini giveaway, do not despair! DO NOT PANIC! There will (eventually) be more juicy giveaways.. but that is not why you should follow Wolves for the Wolf God! I'm hoping that the ones who joined for the sole purpose of getting a stab at the resin kit will stay because of the content. If not.. well, I can't force you to stay. But be warned.. my Thunderwolves might be hungry! :-D


  1. Congrats to the winner(s)

    Out of curiousity how many new followers do you figure this contest added to your blog?

  2. @HOTpanda: When I announced the giveaway I was at 47 followers. So a little more than 100! :)

  3. dang that is one hell of a recruiting drive.

  4. I'm going to be doing my giveaway pretty soon.
    Any tips for getting it attention?

  5. Warflake - Let MWC know when you do and we can do a shoutout or 2 for it!

    Im actually stunned MWC won. I* can assure you something great will come out of it! Email in route Vlad!

    We have discussed it amongst the team and we are going to get some bases from SWM, Lantz is gonna cover the cadians and im going to convert and paint the crap out of them. Then its off to ebay giving works for all the profits to go to LiveStrong! Expect tons of pics!

  6. Thanks, Skarvald! Like Matt said, we'll be doing something great with this kit.

  7. @HOTpanda: Yep! And I have all of you to thank for it, of course!

    @Warflake: As MWC suggested! Giveaways are their thing and people will stop b your blog if you ask them to do a shout out .. or two!

    @MWC: I do not doubt you at all and the plan sounds fantastic already. Especially knowing that they will go for a good cause! Can't wait to send them to you already!

    @Lantz: Yer welcome, yer welcome!


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