Monday, June 13, 2011

Silensurz Kommando #3: Zodrukk da Gitfinda


Zodrukk was born almost deaf and years spent surrounded by noisy dakka completely punctured his eardrums. Many Painboyz offered the young Ork various bioniks that wound fix his hearing and "den some mor", but Zodrukk never agreed to any "surgeries". The loss of the ability to hear was probably what improved his vision and therefore - his aim. Eventually Zodrukk realized that he could shoot far better than any of the other boyz, even the Flash Gitz!
When da Silensurz heard of a boy who could actually shoot the wide side of a barn with his big shoota they traveled across the galaxy, landed on his little backwater planet and offered him a place among their ranks. At first Zodrukk was mighty suspicious of the Silensurz, especially because he enjoyed the vibration his dakka made. When the intricacies behind the name of the Blood Axe clan was explained (very, very slowly and carefully, mind you) and he realized that the more noise - the merrier, Zodrukk agreed to join the crew.

He specializes in Surprise Suppressing Fire and always carries a big shoota around.


  1. "Warriors, Warriors come out and plaaay!!!" Your Orks definitely have a Warrior feel to to them. Cannot wait to them painted.

  2. Surprise Suppressing Fire?? hjaahahhahaha

    p.p: Why am i always keeping link to your blog on my menu yet you dont advertise mine (suspicious look) X_X

  3. WTF! you were the one who made my banner!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yeah, and that was like... thousands of years ago into the future, in a time before Sigourney Weaver. ;P I'll add you up, you panzee.

  5. Ave ei shti kaja az Panzee :D hahahaha

    Ela nqkoi pyt v skype da se 4uem ork nob takyv.


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