Thursday, June 2, 2011

Two weeks left until the Wolves for the Wolf God Giveaway!

That's right, fellow gamers. Pretty much less than two weeks are left until one of you lucky followers gets a delicious Renegade Militia Conversion set for free! How and Why - clicky here and all will be revealed. It's such an easy contest that it would be a shame to miss it... and you get to subscribe to my awesome little blog to boot!

Here I'd like to thank all of you who are already subscribe to Wolves for the Wolf God. Soo... thank you! Every new follower inspires me to write better, more often and to attempt bigger hobby challenges so I can share them with you. I really appreciate all the comments and support that many of you have given me and let me tell you - Wolves for the Wolf God is going to keep on delivering in the following months, so keep on stopping by from time to time. You (hopefully) won't regret it!

And before I sign off for the day I need to do a shout out to Miniature Tim: Hobby Warfare, Painting & Modeling - the reincarnation of Tim's previous blog. After a year of hiatus Tim has decided to give blogging another shot, which made me happy because when I started Wolves for the Wolf God his was one of the first blogs that I followed and commented on and it saddened me when he stopped updating it. But now he's back and I'm sure his mind is buzzing with 40,000 and one ideas to amaze us with. So there you go - a cool new blog to follow. Lets support Tim by following his progress, guys - hopefully we'll give his hobby a boost with some inspiration and helpful commentaries.

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  1. Like I told you in my email, my friend, that one comment you left me last year stayed in my head the whole time. Again I'll than you for that, and now for this. You do our hobby community proud with the support you give it, and to say I appreciate this encouragement you're giving me now is an understatement.

    Thank you :)



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