Saturday, December 17, 2011

Today is going to be Killzone-tastic!

Super excited, folks!
The elusive and crafty Brian from A Gentleman's Ones and my good ole buddy and co-blogger (although he as been *cough*silent*cough* lately) Frozencore Joe are stopping by the 'burbs for a day of Special Operations: Killzone play-testing. Basically the thing you should all be doing right now.
It's like.. buying Christmas presents. For yourself. For FREE.
Literally.. you can win stuff by playing games. Here's how.

As I already said.. I'm hyped. It has been a while since I got the chance to move models across the table and today should be a pretty exciting event. Will finally be able to play against Brian - for the first time, nonetheless.
We are going to hopefully play-test some of the new changes and just see how the game is flowing.. so to speak. Hopefully we'll be able to cull as many things not working as intended today.

What list am I bringing? Well, I'll be giving the Silensurz a spin, but this time the list is revised and I'll be playing with some new options. So here's my list:

Da Silensurz
Unnamed Team Leader - Deffkopta with twin-linked big shoota
Thermal Imaging (grants Acute Senses), Penetrator Rounds and Hard to Kill (grants Feel No Pain)

Unnamed Deffkopta - Deffkopta with twin-linked big shoota
Thermal Imaging (grants Acute Senses), Penetrator Rounds

Deffgrin Gargleblasta - Ork Boy with a Big Shoota
Psyklopz - Ork Boy with a Big Shoota
Grimjaw - Ork Boy with a Big Shoota
Da Ledbelcha and Corki - Ork Boy with a Big Shoota
Zodrukk da Gitfinda - Ork Boy with a Big Shoota

Unnamed Ork Boy Nob - 'eavy armour
Stealth Suit (grants Stealth, Scout and Move Through Cover), Smoke Grenades

Unnamed Killa Kan - big shoota
DAKKA! With the removal of the special weapon limit and concept this list now has even more dakka. There are 8 big shootas and two of them are twin-linked. My older list had no Deffkoptaz and instead had more infantry and Nobz - all of my five big-shootas were essentially twin-linked due to Crack Shot and my Nobz had Stealth Suits. However, with Crack Shot costing double the points (it went from 5 pts. to 10 pts.) and with Stealth Suits being limited issue equipment my old list had to go..
So - less foot-sloggin, but still enough. Less Stealth across the board but a way of granting it with the Smoke Grenades. However I'll be getting more maneuverability due to my Deffkoptas. I'm actually kind of excited to use them, ebcause they are really jacks of all trades, at least in Killzone.
I'd say that my shooting power is about the same. I'm just trading volume for accuracy.. or is it the other way around? ;D

With the list above I'm trying to address the following issues (most of which came up as I was writing the list):
  1. Can a Walker be the Team Leader? 
  2. Does the Close Combat Accessories general equipment upgrade count as a Close Combat Weapon for Walkers using Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons? 
  3. Can Smoke Grenades affect Walkers? 
  4. Can Walkers take the Medipack or Hard to Kill equipment and skill? 
  5. Can Walkers even benefit from Feel no Pain?
  6. Because Walkers can move and shoot all of their weapons, can they also fire Grenades of any kind, in addition to their regular weapons?
  7. Do Smoke Grenades count as shooting a weapon?
I'll be taking tons of notes and pictures throughout the day and hopefully I'll be able to deliver a Killzone update today or tomorrow! 


  1. Hey Broseph, the quick answers for 1, 2, 4-6 is no, additionally 3 and 7 is yes.

    Looks like we must really address walkers this week. I will give detailed explanations via email with everyone tonight.

  2. The email should be in everyone's inboxes, with the ideas for the solutions.


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