Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Killzone: Facebook, Podcasts.. Oh my!

Well, the holidays are over and as the last Christmas carols are turning into silent whispers in the night, the Special Operations: Killzone project is rising once again!
I know that we have been silent for the last week or so.. but now it's time to unleash the hounds.

Let's start with.. oh, I dunno.. The Killzone Facebook Group! Now you can follow us online and see what's new in the world of sneaky operatives and THE way to play a skirmish game of Warhammer 40,000. It's still a young page, but at least I'm hoping that it can turn into a source of information, where people post links to their battle reports, experiences and painted Killzone Teams. Ah, that would be glorious. 
The Social Media is definitely a great way to get things going, so then.. what are you waiting for? Join now! :P

Killzone has also been getting some publicity all over the web, which is nice because I honestly can't think of any other ways to lure you in. So.. yeah... good thing that others are now doing it for me *maniacal laughter*
The folks from the Signals from the Frontline (from Frontline Gaming) podcast have.. well.. a podcast about Killzone and some other Fantasy rumors. They seem genuinely excited to give Killzone a shot and from what I hear they also have a good grasp of the basic rules as well, which is great. I might be a whelp when it comes to designing a game, but I felt a sense of pride and shared their excitement for the game. It's amazing to see/hear/read about other people who want to play and be a part of Killzone as much as I do.

That's all the Killzone I have for now.
Update on the Land Raider Achilles situation: Today I exchanged the Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer kit I got for Christmas over at the Chicago Battle Bunker. Since they can order directly from Forge World the cost of my Land Raider was subtracted from my overall purchase, so it was just like buying a Land Raider and then the Achilles Conversion. I am actually super excited, folks. Besides the Land Raider Achilles kit I also picked up the Space Wolves Land Raider Doors and the Land Raider Spaced Armour upgrade. Because.. you know.. when you do field a Land Raider Achilles you either go big or you go home. Oh, and did I mention that I'm slapping a Vindicator Siege shield on that bad boy? Yeah. It's gonna be huge.

And that's WITHOUT the Spaced Armour. You mad?

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