Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Update on the Land Raider Achilles Conundrum

My last post was about the Land Raider I received for Christmas a few days ago, my desire to turn it into a Land Raider Achilles and my frustration when I learned that Forge World was only selling a complete conversion kit of the model and not just the conversion parts.

I e-mailed Forge World a few minutes ago and actually got a very quick response!
Here's what I asked:

Q: Hello, there! I just received GW's Land Raider kit for Christmas and quickly entered your website in order to purchase the Land Raider Achilles conversion kit. Unfortunately I found out that you guys only have a complete kit for the Land Raider Achilles which has the plastic Land Raider sprues and then all the resin conversion pieces needed for the conversion. Is it possible for me to order just the resin pieces for a different price or do I have to wait for a release of the conversion kit. More importantly, are you aware if a conversion kit is ever going to be released and if it might be coming out soon?
A:  Hi, 
Thanks for your e-mail. We do not sell a conversion kit of the Achilles, because of the amount of plastic that is replaced by the resin parts. Like the MkIIb and the Deimos Rhino, it wouldn’t be cost-effective as a conversion kit compared to the complete kit that we currently sell.

Ead Brown
Customer Service Manager
Forge World
So unfortunately for me there's no hope and reason to wait for the conversion kit to come out.. but this has only increased my desire to possess a Land Raider Achilles... Damn, I even have the perfect name for it as well..

So.. does anyone wanna trade their Land Raider Achilles for a Land Raider NiB? I'll pay the difference. ;D  

Until then... I'll be working on a super secret project that will change the way you play Space Wolves FOREVER.

P.S: Check out the sweet candy cane-wielding Santa Skarvald up top! Thank you, Frozencore Joe.


  1. Check E-Bay, I think someone is making them for sale

  2. There is. Ive bought the kit from a seller named bdstd. Took a while to get here but its solid resin work. Im just some random dude on the internet but i recomend the seller.


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