Monday, December 19, 2011

So.. I got a Land Raider. NOW what?

On Saturday the local Games Workshop had a Secret Santa gift "giveaway"-thing!
I drew the name of a really good friend o' mine whose I.G plasmacide Chimera spam list has been terrorizing all the little kids at the store. Though to be fair, my Space Wolves are not too excited about facing his little metal boxes. Same goes for my Orkz.

I gifted him the joy of having to put together 20 Cadian Shock Troops and then a Lord Commissar to lead them. ;D

And then he gave me a Land Raider! 
Turns out we drew each others' names!! ;D
I love Land Raiders.. but unfortunately I don't get to use them very often. I actually already have one - it's a Land Raider Crusader. And I'm pretty sure I've used him only once in a normal game of 40k to transport a bunch of angry Blood Claws with Arjac Rockfist. It's cool and what not, but I guess I don't like fielding it because it's not painted. I don't really remember how I sprayed my other vehicles.. hehe..

Now.. where I've used my Land Raider a bunch is in games of Apocalypse.
As a Land Raider Achilles. 

Yeah.. yeah. I know. Cheese. But it is so AWESOME to put something on the table knowing that it can actually survive despite all the scary templates, lances, meltas and other anti-tank shenanigans that are being thrown your way. I mean, come on. A THUNDERFIRE CANNON. And two twin-linked multi-melta sponsons :-O! Honestly, the Thunderfire Cannon is the only thing that I would gladly steal from Codex: Space Marines (okay, maybe the Land Speeder Storm school bus for our sweet Wolf Scouts to ride in..).
It has the word "thunder" in it, people!

So that's why I put the Land Raider kit in my list. The plan was to order the Forge World kit for the Land Raider Achilles and then convert it. But it wasn't until I sat on my computer all ready to order some resin crack until I realized that the only way to purchas the LR Achilles from Forge World is.. as a COMPLETE KIT. Basically they are selling a plastic Land Raider kit plus all the resin conversion parts that I actually need to make an Achilles. Well that sucks. Now I'm "stuck" with a Land Raider until Forge World decides to release only the conversion kit like they have done with all the other Land Raider variants. <_< I'm not spending all that cash in one big lump sum, you know? And I definitely don't want another Crusader or a Redeemer..

There's always the Orky option, though. Instead of waiting I could just unleash the Big Mek inside me and convert the Land Raider into (or is it "to"? Any Grammar Nazis out there?) an Ork Vehicle of some kind. Maybe a Battlewagon.. or something of the super heavy variety? Any ideas? 

Maybe you guys could help me with this decision?

Do I.. 
A) Wait for the Forge World conversion kit to come out and then make the Land Raider Achilles?
B) Convert it into/to an Ork vehicle?

Help me out, bros!


  1. Convert it into the Land Raider Achilles?

  2. 1. Most likely it will not come out as a conversion kit. FW used to do that, but not so much anymore.

    2. In Apoc, lots of LRs is lots o' fun.

    I mostly play a drop pod SM list, but every now and then, mixing up a few LRs is a lot of fun.

  3. just buy a thunderfire cannon and get some multimeltas out of your or someone elses bitz box. The armor can be made with sheet plastic and I think you will have a fun time converting the standard raider over to the achillies. Plus you will have the satisfaction of telling your opponents "yep, I made that"

  4. @Anon: I suppose that's also an option, lol..

    @Honda: Shhh! Don't say that.. We can always hope.

    @Fitz: The Thunderfire cannon is 50 bucks. ;-O Combining that with the Land Raider it's way more expensive than just getting the LR Achilles.


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