Thursday, December 29, 2011

What am I getting after the Land Raider Achilles?

Skarvald has been bitten by the Forge World bug... He has Forge World fever... Hmmm...
Tim from Miniature Tim spoke about his FW shiny stuff syndrome already.
So what can I say besides "I hate you, Forge World ... Love, Vlad"

The Land Raider Achilles that I ordered from Forge World a few days ago is not even in my hands.. heck, it probably hasn't even shipped yet.. Yet I find myself craving for some crack.
What is it going to be this time, you ask? 

Is.. is that a Leman Russ Exterminator??
Yeah. I know what you're going to say. "But Skarvald, you cannot have a Leman Russ in your army. Stop going after cheesy vehicles. You don't even like the Imperial Guard!!" And you would be right.
No, Space Wolves cannot take a Leman Russ Exterminator in their current Codex. But they used to in 3rd Edition. The Space Wolves have a few LRE's in their possession and are known for their use from time to time. It really fits the bill, though. With a twin-linked autocannon, a lascannon and heavy bolter sponsons it is a very well-rounded tank. It's great at mowing down infantry, it's okay at destroying light vehicles and it is a tough, durable tank.

AV 14/13/10 is nothing to scoff at.
It's is not a Punisher or an Executioner - it just really doesn't have their scary factor.
 It is very similar to a Predator Destructor, which can take the same weapons (minus the lascannon), but I've always liked the visual profile of a Leman Russ. Besices, come on, it's called a friggin' Leman Russ. LEMAN RUSS. Our Primarch!  

And to be honest.. I already have the Leman Russ Battle Tank chassis somewhere... Been thinkin' what to do with it for a long time. I think I got it for my birthday.. two years ago? Oh, wait. It was a Secret Santa.
Back then I wanted to make a Looted Wagon out of it for my Orkz, but defacing a Leman Russ sounds so cruel to me right now. I'll eventually go for a full squadron of them and use them in Apocalypse games. Heck, I might even use them as Predator Destructors in friendly games. ;)

Does my desire have something to do with a couple of the new achievements I added to the Space Wolves Achievements list?
Tanks for Nothing, GW... - You own at least one fully painted (in Space Wolves colors!) Leman Russ Exterminator Battle Tank, despite it now longer being a legal option in Codex: Space Wolves. It's a part of our legacy, damn it! 
EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! - Over the course of a game of Warhammer 40,000 or Apocalypse, wipe out a 20-man Necron Warrior unit from Codex: Necrons using only a Leman Russ Exterminator Battle Tank.
Maybe.... ;)


  1. I see no reason not to! If they're ok with you putting it on the table, go for it! And to give people the sense that it's piloted by Space Wolves, take it, run it like that, and give it Knight Commander Pask!

  2. Yeah, you know, I was thinking the same thing. Keep is just like it was in 3rd Ed. Pay the points for Pask to give it all the buffs or pay the extra 20 pts (it used to be 180 points base in the Space Wolves codex from 3rd ed.- Ill have to cross reference it with the 3rd ed Guard codex to see what the difference in price was..) or so to make it BS4 and limit its upgrades to the upgrades which a Predator can take.

  3. Recently I have done something similar by purchasing a Shadowsword. Okay, it's not part of the Space Wolf legacy, and has nothing really to do with Space Wolves at all, but my regular opponent is painting an Iron Hands titan!

    Short of buying a Thunderhawk, wolves dont really have anything super heavy. I was going to model it with russ following mortals driving it (like the kaerls in Battle of the Fang).

    My question is, can Pask go in it so that I can sculpt Space Wolves driving it instead?

  4. Only a Leman Russ Battle Tank can have Pask (50 points). But it's Apocalypse, so you can just kind of create your own and say that since it's driven by Astartes it is BS4 and you an pay the 25-30 points for the upgrade.

  5. Aye, I too want to add some Leman Russes to the motor pool at some point. And a Fellblade!


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