Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Building the Killzone "Booster Pack" Tables: Part II

It's always like a holiday when "Frozencore" Joe stops by for some good ole hobby-time. Even on Memorial Day. That's like a double rain--- holiday, all across the sky. I know I promised you an update on Sunday, but with work being annoying and what not we had to postpone everything. But, no worries - we did meet up and a lot of progress was made.

The materials:
Ork Barricades - Resin. You get 6 different barricades for $22. Amazing, considering some of the bits you would need to duplicate them. One of the barricades is a wrecked Ork buggy!
Dap Drydex Spackling - A pink spackling that turns white when completely dry. Used for the "muddy" surface beneath the wooden boards and planks in the trenches and to raise areas.
Balsa and basswood sticks - Various lengths and widths for the ramshackle look of the trench boards used for support.
Gorilla Wood Glue - for gluing. Duh!
Master-crafted Digital Weapons -That would be yer hands!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Building the Killzone "Booster Pack" Tables: Part I

Yesterday "Frozencore" Joe and I met again, this time to start the 2'x2' modular sections for the Killzone table we're going to be making. We decided to lay down the basics - draw some pictures, outline where stuff was going to be located on each 2'x2' segment, try and loot some terrain, etc.

The materials:
3/4'' plywood we got from Home Depot. Thick, sturdy, no chance to bend and a great support for the..
3/4'' pink foam. Also from Home Depot. Both items were cut for us pretty precisely, giving us a bunch of 2'x2' squares. 
Caulk gun and glue to glue plywood and pink foam together. The bond was pretty rock-solid.
Gorilla Wood Glue donated to us by Brian from A Gentleman's Ones. Used for gluing various pink foam pieces, foam core and eventually sealing the pink foam for sturdiness.
White foam core which Joe is primarily using to create the various buildings for his Imperial city board.

What? Green Vostroyans? Soon ALL will be revealed..
The boards:
"Frozencore" Joe: An Imperial fortified city with a lot of vertical action going on. We're talking about ramps and bridges connecting buildings at various heights, bridges over a river and various ways to go up and down the whole thing. Definitely a complicated and terrain-heavy 2'x2' for Joe's Deathwatch Killzone Team, but in the end we all know that it is going to look awesome. He went crazy with his measurements, making sure everything was going to fit and had a pretty detailed picture of his idea.

The wooden part will be a river and from the raised part - a bridge.

This tree? An aquarium decoration. Of awesomeness.
Skarvald the Troll-faced: I was going to go for a jungle/swamp Kroot Mercenaries camp of some sort, but after thinking about it I decided to use my Kommando Ork-themed list. I never managed to write a good enough list using the Tau Codex. Lots of things I liked, others - not so much and for me every attempt to create a Killzone team was a painful process.

Besides, I spent a lot of time browsing for some big trees, simply because I wanted to have a bunch of them, connected with bridges and catwalks all over the place to achieve that "vertical effect", but lack of models and high prices eventually persuaded me to think of something else.

Thus, the Kommando Mercenary Headquarters idea was born. I'm going to keep the jungle/swamp idea, and found something to use as the big tree. There will be trenches, a lot of camouflage, tall grass, a mine field, razor wire, a watch tower, a Deff kopta landing pad, etc. The tree thing you see on the picture above will be covered with ork... stuff. Platforms, ladders, catwalks.  
I like this terrain piece more and more and every time I look at it I get crazier orky ideas. It looks pretty realistic but then it is not. You know what I mean? Next step is getting some spackle and putting it on the sides of the trenches, before I put wooden planks.

One of the terrain pieces that I will be making is a crashed Deff Kopta and a separate terrain piece will be a tree with the Deff Kopta's dead pilot, stuck in its branches with his parachute. With a raven on its shoulder. Yeah-yeah.

Come back next Sunday for more development on the "Booster Pack" Tables. PART II!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blood Axes Orkz Killzone team in da making!

To temporarily appease some dude's sweet toof for all things Orky here's a Killzone list in progress: 

Killzone upgrades:
Crack Shot - Re-roll rolls To Hit or To Wound in the Shooting phase.
Stealth Suit - Grants Scout, Stealth and Move Through Cover

Da Silensurz
Kommando Orkz have always been a weakness for me. A nice, hefty unit lead by Snikkrot always does the job and strikes fear into the hearts of even those who know no fear. I'm looking at you, Space Marines. The models, although metal, are sweet and gas masks are too classy to say "No" to. This list is supposed to emulate the more "Elite" part of the Blood Axes - A gang of mercenaries with lots of tuff and 'uge unz. Sure, Blood Axes are supposed to be sneaky, silent and dead killy, but don't let the five big shootas fool you. When they jump out of their hiding spots and start shooting you'll never be able to hear anything ever again. Because you will be dead. Or deaf from the noise. 
6 of the models are Nob variants with 2 wounds each, 5 of which have Stealth and an effective 3+ cover save from shooting, which is pretty neat. They don't have any other fancy special weapons or upgrades, counting on the mobility that Move Through Cover and Scout gives them to get the charge on their enemies and hopefully win through sheer number of wounds, attacks and brute strength. 
The five big shootas are awesome assault weapons with enough range to reach anything on the board as long as it is in sight, while still allowing the Orkz to move around and even charge. Crack Shot lessens the failure that is BS2 by making the Big Shootas pretty much twin-linked. It's not like I'll ever choose to re-roll To Wound.
The leader of the bunch I decided to be something... else. A Flash Git. Again, a less subtle mercenary. Imagine an Ork who has realized that not only can he kill as much as he wants but he gets paid for it AND get to keep all the teef he loots. His model and his actions are supposed to mimic Rambo's and I'll be converting him to shoot a rokkit-arrow with a fancy bow. Need some Orc Arrer hands... Anyone

Flash Git with More Dakka, Shootier, Blasta, Stealth Suit and Crack Shot

Kommando Nob
x2 Kommando with Big Shoota, Crack Shot

x3 Nob with Stealth Suit, Stikkbombz

Nob with Stealth Suit, Stikkbombz
x3 Boy with Big Shoota, Crack Shot

Starting your Killzone: "Booster Pack" Terrain Tables

We live in interesting times, Wolf Brothers! We were made to battle in the name of the Emperor, to lead his armies and rip out the throats of the enemies of the Imperium of Man, but in this new Age of Strife our purpose in life is being taken from us! And by whom? Not xenos, not heretics, nor treacherous Chaos-worshippers. No.. Our one and only reason to exist is being taken from us by scriveners and accountants, by lords who have never seen a day of battle, have never held a dying brother in their blood-soaked hands... Our Crusades used to be fueled by glory, honor and pride - NOT MONEY! The assaults and sieges we carried out on so many planets under the blazing heat and light of a thousands suns and countless stars were done because it was our right to do so, not because they were potentially profitable. Dark times await us and Chaos beckons..    
- Skarvald the Troll-faced
So much for my commentary on the price-hike, the new resin/resin-plastic models and the new embargo policy of Games Workshop. Kirby has a great open letter to GW about it which has been floating around various blogs and forums for a while now. I agree with it, but what can I do? Words won't win against Capitalism, so the best thing to do is to figure out a way to still enjoy the hobby while eliminating the factors that undermine my budget. I love this hobby, I love the models, I lost most of the rules and I love my local Games Workshop store, but unfortunately it seems that none of them love me enough to grant me free miniatures on a regular basis.

Enter Special Operations Killzone...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Citadel Finecast is here! Giveaway reminder!

Wow. Just WOW!
It is here, gentlemen and gentlemen. It is finally here: CITADEL FINECAST Announced!
The rumor born on April 1st that many dismissed and labeled as a "troll's wishlist", that there was no way in Hell Games Workshop would drop their metal range and substitute it for a yet-to-be-named resin-plastic hybrid. Well... It is true.

First, most of the metal blisters and kits were turned into "Direct Order" only to slowly reduce the number of the "outdated" metals. A lot of people freaked out and then it was said that it simply meant that all metals were going to be produced in the U.K and that the U.S wound just continue making plastics.

Then, the first Tomb Kings wave got no metal models despite several outdated and old-looking character models and numerous new Special Characters and unit entries. Not even new generic Lords and Heroes options. EXCEPT the PLASTIC Tomb King model that's in the Warspinx/Necrosphinx plastic kit. Yep. They included pretty much a free Character model in there made out of plastic.

There's a List of the First Wave of Finecast Miniatures WITH Prices! Dang.
Ook! Me be resin soooon! Eeek!
Tons of models are getting a price increase when you compare the listed prices with the current GW ones. Some are barely getting more expensive, while others.. well, lets just say that buying Finecast models will be like watching a Jokaero shooting your Land Raider with a finger-lascannon from exactly 48'' away, penetrating it, going through its cover save and then blowing it to smithereens. On turn 1. After stealing the Initiative.

Canis Wolfborn will be ~$8 more expensive. Still a squirrel-riding Space Wolf, still extremely expensive (he will be like $48!), but at least he won't be a chunk of metal now. That's good, right? Also he'll definitely be easier to convert if you're crazy and rich enough to buy multiples of him just to make "legal" Thunderwolf Cavalry units. Less heavy, easier to transport, less prone to chipping if you drop him, but also less likely to give you a +2S bonus in the first turn of combat if you put him in a sock and swing him around like a flail, you silly manchild! :)

There are a few more models from the Space Wolves range, like Njal Stormcaller who will be 2-3 bucks more expensive, which is not too bad. Gluing his staff hands was pretty much impossible for me so I had to use lots of Green Stuff...

About the Price-hike
Obviously starting a new production-like will require new machines, molds and what not so there has to be a lot of money involved. It is also a risky move I suppose, even though so many people tend to complain about metal models in general. I know I have a few Ork Kommandos that need to be stripped and repainted, because they are ultra-mega chipped, and I almost wanted to kill myself while building the Tomb Kings Screaming Skull Catapult.
There's also the annual price-hike, so hopefully the prices listed are adjusted accordingly in advance, because if they also get increased AGAIN so soon I'll definitely complain about it on my blog.. Which just happens to be this blog.. Oh, poor you.
I could talk about the ever-increasing prices of tin, plastic, etc, but I don't know a whole lot about it. Obviously inflation and material cost happens every year and this is a niche market, blah-blah-blah. It's not like we could do anything about it, besides trying to be smarter consumers. Be less impulsive with your purchases, people!

And now a great question from Games Workshop:
Q: "What will my first Citadel Finecast miniature be?"
A: Well, I don't know, Mr. Games Workshop Man. Nothing from that list is something that I need, besides a few Orcs and Goblins special characters, maybe. But I know one thing that will explode MY Land Raider and it won't be Jokaeros, no sir. It would be a whole lot of... 


But more about them (in excruciating details, mind you!!!) later.. This whole talk about resin is just urging me to remind you about the Wolves for the Wolf God 100th Post Giveaway! Don't miss the chance to score some free Renegade Militia resin dudemen, dudes. It's easy, it's free, so do it. And tell your friends about it too!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

News Flash!: Dark Eldar Fusion ProGlide Razorwing

Fusion ProGlide Razorwings: Because even Space Elves need to shave!
So there you have it - the Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighters, born to sow the seeds of anarchy! And bomb stuff.
Definitely bigger than I envisioned it and at least it's a vehicle that could probably manage to fly unlike that Stormraven "Gunship" abomination. Just not as overpowered.

This just in!

The Wolves for the Wolf God 100th post Giveaway!

Okay.. okay.. it's more of a belated 100th post Giveaway. Okay? Now continue reading! :)

I've been thinking about something special for my 100th post on this blog, but with so many ideas and the urge to write I completely forgot about my plans until I hit the 103th post.. Then it was too late, I got lazy and then work was hectic (again..). But it is NOT too late I say... for a GIVEAWAY!

On June 15th, 2011 (a month before the anniversary of Wolves for the Wolf God) I will choose a random follower of this blog using a completely random method.. which may or not involve dummies with everyone's name and scent on them and a very hungry Thunderwolf.
The lucky winner will receive a prize which I will send free of charge, no matter where you live. But it has to be on this planet. The Warp cannot be trusted. 
I will announce the winner using a post on THIS blog and will do my best to notify you using Google Friend Connect.
You will have one week to respond with your current address until I grow impatient and sick my Thunderwolf on another tasty-looking dummy.

But wait, Skarvald the Troll-faced, we don't even know what we're playing for!!!?
Ah, always the impatient one, aren't you, little Timmy Firepants? Listen carefully, then.
If you do follow my blog you'll be entered in a drawing to win a Forge World Renegade Miltia Conversion Set, which is "a pack of resin accessories to upgrade 10 plastic Cadians, or convert other Games Workshop plastic figures, such as Catachans or Chaos Marauders. Set contains 10 head and torso pieces with respirators and Flamer canister. Plastic Cadians not included. Models designed by Mark Bedford." The set goes for £12.25 which is equal to $20. That's 20 bucks you don't have to spend to have these awesome conversion pieces which you could use as..:

Renegade Orphan says: "Pwease adopt me!"
1. ..your new Traitor Guard Army!
2. ..your new Special Operations Killzone!
3. ..pseudo Death Korps of Krieg!
4. ..your next Painting Project!
5. ..a gift for a Chaos-worshiping friend!
6. ..your Fancy Objective Markers!
7. ..your Count-as Chaos Henchmen for Coteaz' Retinue!
8. ..a landing pad for a Deep Striking Stompa!
9. ..food for your Thunderwolves!
10. ..yet another thing that will gather dust..
11. ..Dead Renegade Militia on your Grey Knights' bases!

What if I like bi-winning?
Charlie Sheen - The true Duke!
Well, you don't need to bang 7g rocks to be one of my awesome followers, but as you probably already know, the super duper secret agenda of this Giveaway is to (hopefully) get me even more Followers. Holy crap, I'm like a Chaos God that's giving Renegades to his worshipers! Genius! So..
If you are willing to help me promote this Giveaway by mentioning it on your blog, I'll add you TWICE in the list of random names AND if you win I will add a secret item of awesomeness in the parcel with the Renegade Militia Conversion Set. Double the pleasure, double the fun, right? All you have to do is comment on this post with a link to your blog post! Easy!

Good Luck!

New Dark Eldar Models. Holy Shit!

Games Workshop is at it again with the newest and flashiest wave of Dark Eldar miniatures. Even more gorgeous and macabre than the previous denizens of Commorragh, the new boxed sets don't really suffer from Feel Monetary Pain, at least not when compared to their bestial friends.

Must.. not.. start... Dark Eldar...  

Hailing from the deepest, darkest corners of Commorragh is the disturbing Talos Pain Engine (Retail Price - $44.50). It's big, it's mean and it's a fan of running with scissors, scalpels, hooks and things that for the lack of a better word I'll just call "cleavers". It's like the lovechild of a scorpion and a.. whachamacallit... ah yeah, an arco-flaggelant. On even more steroids.

Finally all the disturbing creepers Slaanesh-enthusiasts who enjoy their shokushu goukan (Man, this will bring me so many hits!) will find something that ugh... erm.. tickles their fancy. So yeah.. The Cronos Parasite Engine (Retail Price - $44.50) - yet another beautiful and disturbing model from the Dark Eldar model range. Less spikes, more tentakels (SFW)!

Dark Eldar Venom
$30. The model that most Dark Eldar players were waiting for - The Dark Eldar Venom. Looks fine. Nothing too crazy or spiky (Why would you ever give it any of the banners?) and just what most people were trying to achieve with their expensive coversions and kit-bashes. I'm expecting a lot of people to buy 5-6 boxes the day this is available in the stores just so they can simulate the Razorback spam play style.... but with fast, open-topped skimmers with AV10 all around...... And then a month later eBay will be flooded with badly painted Venoms, because they are not THE "I.WIN" button* .....

And then last but not least.. actually-they-are-the-best: 
The beautiful Dark Eldar Scourges (Retail Value - $25). Definitely my favorite models from the ENTIRE Dark Eldar model range. Each one looks totally unique, with different poses and even wings. My favorite one is the top right sniper dude. That weapon is huge! I'm really hoping that flying kroot become a thing in the next Tau codex, because I want to have a few Vulturekin Kroot with wings. The price is also not bad and the fact that they are plastic means that they won't be like the top-heavy CSM Raptors.. Ugh... 

Ooh! Ooh! There's also a Dark Eldar Battleforce for $95!
Contents are: 
10 Dark Eldar Wyches for $24.75
3 Reaver Jetbikes for $34.75
1 Dark Eldar Raider for $33.00
... for a total of... $117.25. You save $22.25! Less of a deal when compared to most other Battleforces but a deal nonetheless!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Stylish? STYLISH? Blood Angels are stylish, I choose to be MANLY!

Golden power comb-wielding Blood Angel jokes aside, I've been nominated for a Stylish blogger Award by Gotthammer from the blog of titanic proportions - Collegia Titanica. Am I the only know who makes a stereotypical Italian gesture and pronounces the whole thing just like the Godfather would have if he were into giant fighting robots?
Thanks, Gotthammer. It is always nice to hear something good about Wolves for the Wolf God from time to time, especially since you took your time to give props to some relatively newer and less known bloggers.

The Rules:
1. Thank and link back to the person giving you the award
2. Share seven things about yourself
3. Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.

So.. Seven things about Skarvald the Troll-faced?

1. Warhammer 40,000 is the only sci-fi setting that I like. That's it. I followed Star Trek when I was younger, saw Star Wars whenever it was on the TV plus I had some knock-off toys from the franchise, I love imitating the cool phrases from the various Star Craft units... but I never became a true fan of any of the "Star"s. Never liked Halo. Or giant fighting robots. Didn't like Voltron, Gundams and was meh about Transformers, although Beast Wars was pretty fucking cool. I don't care about light sabers, replicas of Clingon blades or similar crap like that. I guess 40k got things right... not immediately, but eventually..

2. I am afraid of spiders. I hate the stupid things and like to punch them with the burning passion of the motherfucking Fist of the motherfucking North Star. I guess you could say that my hate for them is like a trukk, Berserker. I absolutely refuse to ever field an Arachnarok Spider with my Orcs and Goblins, can't fall asleep if I know that there's a creepy crawly in my room. I actually still have a Facebook Note that I sometimes update with a date/description of my spider frags. My biggest achievement so far is killing a spider that was carrying her offspring on her back. Remember this shit? Yeah, it was fucked up.

3. I've shook the hand of Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha - the de facto Tsar of Bulgaria the last surviving person to bear the title of Tsar in the world. It was during his political (and successful) tour throughout the country in his attempt to become the Prime Minister of Bulgaria.

4. I love eating new things even if it's something gross and weird. I often say I'll try everything at least once and I always, always clean my plates. Some of the weirder things I've had so far are: raw marinated bear meat, cooked maggots, kangaroo steak, ostrich burger, jellyfish salad, snake and many more. But it's not like I only like and crave bizarre foods - I also love a good burger and ethnic cuisines. Recently I've been sampling all kinds of beers... ever since I turned 21.

5. Diablo 2 used to be my life. Literally spent a huge chunk of my childhood wandering from internet cafe to internet club (some miles away from my house) in order to spend my daily allowance of 50 stotinki (that's like a quarter in USD) to play Diablo 2 for half an hour a day. And then I'd hang out and watch my friends playing Diablo 2.. I knew everything there was to the game and could tell if a gem dropped mid-drop. Used to play it over at my friend's house before and after school, because my PC at the time couldn't handle the game. That was during the reign of dial-up connections, my friends. By playing Diablo I also got my first nickname (it never got around, but I liked it) - The Little Diablo. When one Internet Club closed down because of bankruptcy, I'd find a new one and start over. Everyone did it.

6. I think that all sports are rubbish, mainly because I cannot see how someone kicking or throwing a ball deserves more money than a neurosurgeon gets annually. Also it's sad to see people throw their lives away trying to be like their "idol spot star". However, if I were to name my favorite sport it would be sumo wrestling. Even thought it is corrupt (just like any sport out there, sadly) I just love the link between religion and sport.  

7. I can't ride a bike or drive a car.

So.. nominations for the Stylish Award go to..

A Gentleman's Ones - Brian is a bright beacon of light in the grim darkness of the far future. Tons of Special Operations Killzone, amazing terrain-building skills and lots of painted models from a busy, busy man.
Wargamer to the Core - An ex and future Adepticon Team Tournament teammate, "Frozencore" Joe IS pretty much the man who got me into the hobby and even though he needs to update his blog more frequently, his few posts are well worth the time.
TrueMiniWargamer.Com - A fellow Space Wolf player who was crazy enough to send me the awesome Space Wolf backpack (the one with the wolf heads) for my Skarvald model. ALL THE WAY FROM MALTA! And which I immediately misplaced somewhere... Still haven't found it, my friend. ;(
Chicago Kamikazes - A brand spankin' new 40k club of some local gamers featuring the 2011 AWC Champion, Brian Carlson (from Brian Carlson Miniatures, nonetheless!) and a bunch of other cool dudes who think they are too good to add me to their roster. They've got some pretty competitive ideas a-brewin'. I can smell it from here.
Tentakel Games - A fancy blog with tons of cool conversions and painted models to look at.
Troll Tales - My go-to place for any Orcs and Goblins tips and tricks. Such a lovely blog full of greenskin love.

There a lot more, but some of them already have their Stylish awards. ;P

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Creating a Space Wolves Special Character, Part I: The Concept

When I get "into" something there's always something that inevitably happens to me - I start thinking of ways to improve it, change it and/or give it my own spin. It's one of those "What if.." daydreaming sort of things.. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, because I know that the rich background of the 41st millennium is also haunting you with ideas and inspirations.. 

So here I am, trying to create a Space Wolves Special Character. Rules. Stats. Fluff. Everything. The whole shebang. As we all know, the Space Wolves codex can be very inspiring with its unit entries, the "Herohammer" possibilites and the dudes shooting lightning from their ass. It's hard not to start thinking of various cool concepts to add to this already brilliant, perhaps too awesome codex. I've already written about the joys of running a generic HQ that feels like a Special Character both in price and deeds, but in the end of the day - is just your generic HQ. I still don't know why I haven't printed out a codex entry for Skarvald the Troll-faced and why it isn't sitting inside my book. After all for me he is just as great as Logan Grimnar and Njal! But I digress. Time to create a Special Character!

The Concept
For me, there are some very specific things in the Space Wolves codex that I love, as well as some elements from various other codices that I'd like to incorporate.
I. The "Herohammer" Factor - I want a character that rewards you for taking as many HQ's as possible. After all, the Space Wolves Force Organization Chart allows us to take FOUR HQ choices. Possibly by giving extra optional equipment or upgrading specific items in Wolf Lords, Wolf Guard Battle Leaders and even Lone Wolves. I think that having a bunch of strong characters in a game is very cool!
II. The "Underdog" Factor - It needs to be a Special Character based on a unit that doesn't already have its unique "beefy" character. Preferably one that doesn't see too much action in your "run of the mill" lists.
III. Uniqueness - Obviously, it needs to have some originality, right? I'm also planning on having this Special Character to be slightly customizable, as in making slight changes in equipment during deployment. You'll see what I mean by that..

So, lets see what the Space Wolves Codex already has in the Special Character deparment:
Wolf Lord - Logan Grimnar, Ragnar Blackmane
Wolf Guard Battle Leader - Arjac Rockfist
Blood Claws - Lukas the Trickster
Rune Priest - Njal Stormcaller
Wolf Priest - Ulrik the Slayer
Thunderwolf Cavalry/Fenrisian Wolves - Canis Wolfborn
Dreadnought - Bjorn the Fell-handed

This leaves the following entries in the Space Wolves Codex without a Special Character:
Iron Priest - The fact that he is not in Independent Character really hurts him, allowing for only a single "okay" build (x4 Cyberwolves, Thunderwolf Mount) and making Saga of the Iron Wolf useless. Very lame.
Wolf Scouts Pack
Lone Wolf
Grey Hunters Pack
Swiftclaw Biker Pack
Skyclaw Assault Pack
Long Fangs

With Feel No Pain and Eternal Warrior, Lone Wolves are already Special enough and each of them is basically a living legend. The Grey Hunters Pack and all of the Blood Claws-variants can already enjoy the company of many of the Special Characters and they really don't need a unique character of their own. Not to mention that Swiftclaws and Skyclaws wouldn't live long enough to be legendary. I can't really see how I could create a cool Long Fangs Special Character, because he'd have to sit in one place the entire game unless he grants Relentless.. which Logan Grimnar already does. Wolf Scouts could use one, but I can't think of anything..

So what's left is the Iron Priest.
In the Space Wolves codex, this Techmarine variant has several problematic factors:
Not an Independent Character: An Iron Priest can take a small retinue of up to four Cyberwolves and up to three Thrall-Servitors, but unlike the Grey Knight's Techmarine he is not an IC and cannot join other squads. This is very limiting, especially when you notice that he cannot take any dedicated transports, so he can only start the game inside a... Land Raider!? Of course you can get a Razorback for your Long Fangs and then embark it, but it is still annoying, especially when he needs to be inside a vehicle for Saga of the Iron Wolf to work.
Limited Options: He lacks Bolster Defenses, which officially removes him from the "Support" role of an Elites choice and with a single wound he is incredibly dependent on his "retinue". In a Rhino/Razorback with Multi-melta Thrall-Servitors he becomes an unreliable tank hunter and his T5 is wasted on a majority of T4 models in case his vehicle explodes. In this case, Saga of the Iron Wolf is okay, since it allows for a few extra inches, letting the squad take a bunker position with their weaponry.

Cyber Thunderwolf Build: Good on paper, but then you remember how many points it really is. 155 points for a cavalry unit with a total of 5 T5 wounds is not bad, but the Cyberwolves have a 4+ armor save and the Iron Priest strikes last with his 4 Thunder hammer and 1 Servo-arm attacks. 2+ save on his is nice and not being an IC means he is actually immune to being singled out. But.. for the same points you can almost run three different Thunderwolves with more survivability and more teeth to them...

What happened to the badass masters of the forge that go on pilgrims to the volcanic islands to prove themselves to the Gods of Iron by forging the "finest of swords within the mouth of the volcano"?

Vulkan He'stan immediately comes to mind. The Space Wolves do not need an Iron priest that hides behind bolstered ruins or fixes vehicles.... they need a weapon-smith with an arsenal of legendary weapons that only the best get to use in combat. So here's what I'm thinking of.. for now.

Iron Priest Special Character/HQ
- For extra points upgrades the Frost Blade/Axe weaponry of Wolf Lords, Wolf Guard Battle Leaders and Lone Wolves to a "Runic Frost Blade", adding two random abilities from a chart. Similar to a Daemonblade weapon from Codex Grey Knights... but with a Fenrisian twist to it.
- Mediocre stats, but doesn't have to roll to see which powers his Runic Frost Blade has. As the blacksmith he has a weapon for each occasion.

 - Because the Space Wolves' trademark Wolf Claws and Frost Weapons are so expensive, he picks a squad before deployment and makes its weapons master-crafted. Gives flexibility - one could choose to give this ability to cheap TDA Wolf Guard or to Thunderwolf Cavalry. Grey Hunters become amazing when combining this effect with the Wolf Banner, because they re-roll all 1's and a single failed To Hit roll.

That's it for now. If you have any ideas or suggestions, don't be afraid to comment below!