Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Dark Eldar Models. Holy Shit!

Games Workshop is at it again with the newest and flashiest wave of Dark Eldar miniatures. Even more gorgeous and macabre than the previous denizens of Commorragh, the new boxed sets don't really suffer from Feel Monetary Pain, at least not when compared to their bestial friends.

Must.. not.. start... Dark Eldar...  

Hailing from the deepest, darkest corners of Commorragh is the disturbing Talos Pain Engine (Retail Price - $44.50). It's big, it's mean and it's a fan of running with scissors, scalpels, hooks and things that for the lack of a better word I'll just call "cleavers". It's like the lovechild of a scorpion and a.. whachamacallit... ah yeah, an arco-flaggelant. On even more steroids.

Finally all the disturbing creepers Slaanesh-enthusiasts who enjoy their shokushu goukan (Man, this will bring me so many hits!) will find something that ugh... erm.. tickles their fancy. So yeah.. The Cronos Parasite Engine (Retail Price - $44.50) - yet another beautiful and disturbing model from the Dark Eldar model range. Less spikes, more tentakels (SFW)!

Dark Eldar Venom
$30. The model that most Dark Eldar players were waiting for - The Dark Eldar Venom. Looks fine. Nothing too crazy or spiky (Why would you ever give it any of the banners?) and just what most people were trying to achieve with their expensive coversions and kit-bashes. I'm expecting a lot of people to buy 5-6 boxes the day this is available in the stores just so they can simulate the Razorback spam play style.... but with fast, open-topped skimmers with AV10 all around...... And then a month later eBay will be flooded with badly painted Venoms, because they are not THE "I.WIN" button* .....

And then last but not least.. actually-they-are-the-best: 
The beautiful Dark Eldar Scourges (Retail Value - $25). Definitely my favorite models from the ENTIRE Dark Eldar model range. Each one looks totally unique, with different poses and even wings. My favorite one is the top right sniper dude. That weapon is huge! I'm really hoping that flying kroot become a thing in the next Tau codex, because I want to have a few Vulturekin Kroot with wings. The price is also not bad and the fact that they are plastic means that they won't be like the top-heavy CSM Raptors.. Ugh... 

Ooh! Ooh! There's also a Dark Eldar Battleforce for $95!
Contents are: 
10 Dark Eldar Wyches for $24.75
3 Reaver Jetbikes for $34.75
1 Dark Eldar Raider for $33.00
... for a total of... $117.25. You save $22.25! Less of a deal when compared to most other Battleforces but a deal nonetheless!


  1. Thanks for posting these, GW is always slow sending me the new email.

    Loving the Scourges, even better than I expected. The Venom is good too, not as back-heavy as many of the vyper/raider conversions.

    The Talos/Chronos is not my thing, but is hella-creepy, which I guess is good!

  2. Yeah, I have noticed that they always announce their newest stuff on their facebook Fan page hours before they post send e-mails!

  3. I was going to write my own review of these, but:
    A) My brain fried from all the tentacly awesomeness of the models.
    B) You're a genius, Skarvald.

    Which means I won't need to do a write-up ;)

  4. Do a write-up about my genius and giveaway instead, then! It's a win-win situation! :P

  5. A bribe, you say? I'll think about it ...


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