Monday, May 23, 2011

Building the Killzone "Booster Pack" Tables: Part I

Yesterday "Frozencore" Joe and I met again, this time to start the 2'x2' modular sections for the Killzone table we're going to be making. We decided to lay down the basics - draw some pictures, outline where stuff was going to be located on each 2'x2' segment, try and loot some terrain, etc.

The materials:
3/4'' plywood we got from Home Depot. Thick, sturdy, no chance to bend and a great support for the..
3/4'' pink foam. Also from Home Depot. Both items were cut for us pretty precisely, giving us a bunch of 2'x2' squares. 
Caulk gun and glue to glue plywood and pink foam together. The bond was pretty rock-solid.
Gorilla Wood Glue donated to us by Brian from A Gentleman's Ones. Used for gluing various pink foam pieces, foam core and eventually sealing the pink foam for sturdiness.
White foam core which Joe is primarily using to create the various buildings for his Imperial city board.

What? Green Vostroyans? Soon ALL will be revealed..
The boards:
"Frozencore" Joe: An Imperial fortified city with a lot of vertical action going on. We're talking about ramps and bridges connecting buildings at various heights, bridges over a river and various ways to go up and down the whole thing. Definitely a complicated and terrain-heavy 2'x2' for Joe's Deathwatch Killzone Team, but in the end we all know that it is going to look awesome. He went crazy with his measurements, making sure everything was going to fit and had a pretty detailed picture of his idea.

The wooden part will be a river and from the raised part - a bridge.

This tree? An aquarium decoration. Of awesomeness.
Skarvald the Troll-faced: I was going to go for a jungle/swamp Kroot Mercenaries camp of some sort, but after thinking about it I decided to use my Kommando Ork-themed list. I never managed to write a good enough list using the Tau Codex. Lots of things I liked, others - not so much and for me every attempt to create a Killzone team was a painful process.

Besides, I spent a lot of time browsing for some big trees, simply because I wanted to have a bunch of them, connected with bridges and catwalks all over the place to achieve that "vertical effect", but lack of models and high prices eventually persuaded me to think of something else.

Thus, the Kommando Mercenary Headquarters idea was born. I'm going to keep the jungle/swamp idea, and found something to use as the big tree. There will be trenches, a lot of camouflage, tall grass, a mine field, razor wire, a watch tower, a Deff kopta landing pad, etc. The tree thing you see on the picture above will be covered with ork... stuff. Platforms, ladders, catwalks.  
I like this terrain piece more and more and every time I look at it I get crazier orky ideas. It looks pretty realistic but then it is not. You know what I mean? Next step is getting some spackle and putting it on the sides of the trenches, before I put wooden planks.

One of the terrain pieces that I will be making is a crashed Deff Kopta and a separate terrain piece will be a tree with the Deff Kopta's dead pilot, stuck in its branches with his parachute. With a raven on its shoulder. Yeah-yeah.

Come back next Sunday for more development on the "Booster Pack" Tables. PART II!


  1. Hahahaha you stole your fishes aquarium??? ahaha

  2. You absolute LEGENDS!!! This is coming together beautifully. Brilliant stuff.

  3. Coming from the Gepetto of tables and terrain himself? We are still at the beginning of the process. So much stuff still need to be done. But thank you, Brian! :)

  4. How does sealing the pink foam with Gorilla Glue work? Do you mist the foam and apply it with a flat knife, doesn't it foam up?

  5. It is Gorilla Wood Glue so it doesn't foam up. You just brush it :)

  6. Ok, I had the original water activated stuff stuck in my head. Thanks!

  7. Beautiful description and also beautiful designs. You are really a legend I say because you have a creative mind.

  8. Awwww.. Thank you. Wait.. That is not a sneaky attempt to make me hire you, is it? :D

  9. Its Sunday.....where`s part 2

  10. It's 7:30 in the morning, asshole! :) Me and my buddy have yet to meet.

  11. Hey its not my fault you live in a slow moving universe :D


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