Monday, May 16, 2011

Citadel Finecast is here! Giveaway reminder!

Wow. Just WOW!
It is here, gentlemen and gentlemen. It is finally here: CITADEL FINECAST Announced!
The rumor born on April 1st that many dismissed and labeled as a "troll's wishlist", that there was no way in Hell Games Workshop would drop their metal range and substitute it for a yet-to-be-named resin-plastic hybrid. Well... It is true.

First, most of the metal blisters and kits were turned into "Direct Order" only to slowly reduce the number of the "outdated" metals. A lot of people freaked out and then it was said that it simply meant that all metals were going to be produced in the U.K and that the U.S wound just continue making plastics.

Then, the first Tomb Kings wave got no metal models despite several outdated and old-looking character models and numerous new Special Characters and unit entries. Not even new generic Lords and Heroes options. EXCEPT the PLASTIC Tomb King model that's in the Warspinx/Necrosphinx plastic kit. Yep. They included pretty much a free Character model in there made out of plastic.

There's a List of the First Wave of Finecast Miniatures WITH Prices! Dang.
Ook! Me be resin soooon! Eeek!
Tons of models are getting a price increase when you compare the listed prices with the current GW ones. Some are barely getting more expensive, while others.. well, lets just say that buying Finecast models will be like watching a Jokaero shooting your Land Raider with a finger-lascannon from exactly 48'' away, penetrating it, going through its cover save and then blowing it to smithereens. On turn 1. After stealing the Initiative.

Canis Wolfborn will be ~$8 more expensive. Still a squirrel-riding Space Wolf, still extremely expensive (he will be like $48!), but at least he won't be a chunk of metal now. That's good, right? Also he'll definitely be easier to convert if you're crazy and rich enough to buy multiples of him just to make "legal" Thunderwolf Cavalry units. Less heavy, easier to transport, less prone to chipping if you drop him, but also less likely to give you a +2S bonus in the first turn of combat if you put him in a sock and swing him around like a flail, you silly manchild! :)

There are a few more models from the Space Wolves range, like Njal Stormcaller who will be 2-3 bucks more expensive, which is not too bad. Gluing his staff hands was pretty much impossible for me so I had to use lots of Green Stuff...

About the Price-hike
Obviously starting a new production-like will require new machines, molds and what not so there has to be a lot of money involved. It is also a risky move I suppose, even though so many people tend to complain about metal models in general. I know I have a few Ork Kommandos that need to be stripped and repainted, because they are ultra-mega chipped, and I almost wanted to kill myself while building the Tomb Kings Screaming Skull Catapult.
There's also the annual price-hike, so hopefully the prices listed are adjusted accordingly in advance, because if they also get increased AGAIN so soon I'll definitely complain about it on my blog.. Which just happens to be this blog.. Oh, poor you.
I could talk about the ever-increasing prices of tin, plastic, etc, but I don't know a whole lot about it. Obviously inflation and material cost happens every year and this is a niche market, blah-blah-blah. It's not like we could do anything about it, besides trying to be smarter consumers. Be less impulsive with your purchases, people!

And now a great question from Games Workshop:
Q: "What will my first Citadel Finecast miniature be?"
A: Well, I don't know, Mr. Games Workshop Man. Nothing from that list is something that I need, besides a few Orcs and Goblins special characters, maybe. But I know one thing that will explode MY Land Raider and it won't be Jokaeros, no sir. It would be a whole lot of... 


But more about them (in excruciating details, mind you!!!) later.. This whole talk about resin is just urging me to remind you about the Wolves for the Wolf God 100th Post Giveaway! Don't miss the chance to score some free Renegade Militia resin dudemen, dudes. It's easy, it's free, so do it. And tell your friends about it too!


  1. I was just thinking about my vostys as well. The biggest hold out is converting the models for a few extra poses. Hopefully with this new finecast happening I can get some nice looking Vostys up and running.

  2. So are Finecast figures a good thing or no? o.O

    p.p: My local GW shop got closed recently.


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