Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blood Axes Orkz Killzone team in da making!

To temporarily appease some dude's sweet toof for all things Orky here's a Killzone list in progress: 

Killzone upgrades:
Crack Shot - Re-roll rolls To Hit or To Wound in the Shooting phase.
Stealth Suit - Grants Scout, Stealth and Move Through Cover

Da Silensurz
Kommando Orkz have always been a weakness for me. A nice, hefty unit lead by Snikkrot always does the job and strikes fear into the hearts of even those who know no fear. I'm looking at you, Space Marines. The models, although metal, are sweet and gas masks are too classy to say "No" to. This list is supposed to emulate the more "Elite" part of the Blood Axes - A gang of mercenaries with lots of tuff and 'uge unz. Sure, Blood Axes are supposed to be sneaky, silent and dead killy, but don't let the five big shootas fool you. When they jump out of their hiding spots and start shooting you'll never be able to hear anything ever again. Because you will be dead. Or deaf from the noise. 
6 of the models are Nob variants with 2 wounds each, 5 of which have Stealth and an effective 3+ cover save from shooting, which is pretty neat. They don't have any other fancy special weapons or upgrades, counting on the mobility that Move Through Cover and Scout gives them to get the charge on their enemies and hopefully win through sheer number of wounds, attacks and brute strength. 
The five big shootas are awesome assault weapons with enough range to reach anything on the board as long as it is in sight, while still allowing the Orkz to move around and even charge. Crack Shot lessens the failure that is BS2 by making the Big Shootas pretty much twin-linked. It's not like I'll ever choose to re-roll To Wound.
The leader of the bunch I decided to be something... else. A Flash Git. Again, a less subtle mercenary. Imagine an Ork who has realized that not only can he kill as much as he wants but he gets paid for it AND get to keep all the teef he loots. His model and his actions are supposed to mimic Rambo's and I'll be converting him to shoot a rokkit-arrow with a fancy bow. Need some Orc Arrer hands... Anyone

Flash Git with More Dakka, Shootier, Blasta, Stealth Suit and Crack Shot

Kommando Nob
x2 Kommando with Big Shoota, Crack Shot

x3 Nob with Stealth Suit, Stikkbombz

Nob with Stealth Suit, Stikkbombz
x3 Boy with Big Shoota, Crack Shot


  1. That's quite a unique list, stealthy orks... it's just crazy enough to work!

    5 big shootas puts fear in my heart. Every armor save roll is a mini-coronary in kz.

  2. Stealthy Orkz? How does that even work :D
    And why are you posting picture of Rambo instead of the orkz themselfs?

  3. The Blood Axes is a clan of Orkz that specializes in silent assassination, Azmael. They are "thinkin'" Orkz who prefer the silent approach instead of jumping out all of a sudden, yellin' WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH and spraying bullets randomly all over the place. Frankly, most normal orkz think they are quite out of place, but respect them for being able to take out strong enemies with their lesser numbers. They are mercenaries.

  4. I am also about to embark on making a killzone team. How many points did you make yours to? I went with the max 250pts worth of Nurgle Renegade Guard. Really like your 2x2 table idea and think it brings a lot to the game. Would love to see it be part of Adepticon.

  5. @HOTpanda: Yep, it is 250 points, although there have been some changes to the list as of late. The 250 pts. include all of the Killzone specific upgrades as well! :)


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