Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Terror from the Deep... in MY case?

Amongst my friends I am known for my hatred of spiders. It is not necessarily a phobia, but if I am aware of the existence of a spider near me I just don't feel safe. So yeah, I find spiders scary... and what happened to me a few minutes ago will not give me rest unless I share it with you. I was reading a book (R. A. Salvatore's "The Pirate King) and I noticed one of my Citadel Figure Cases that I hadn't opened in months. It was my Ork case with my Kommandos, Nobz and other metal models. And when I opened it I saw this:


Notice the little hole on the bottom right of the case. See it? See this weird white stuff inside? At first I thought it was a dust bunny or even some old paint that got in there.. somehow. BUT.. it wasn't. Yes, ladies and gentlemen.. it was a spider web. And there was something inside it. Yep. It was a god damned spider.
I poked inside with a pen to get it out, because it was bothering me and the little bugger crawled out of it and started to walk all over my case... until my power pen killed it. It was the size of my pinky and completely white. Oh, well. Yet another weird story to tell about the hobby.

Check your cases from time to time. You never know when a spider or some other terrible creature will decide to nest inside it, making a mockery of the miniatures inside.


  1. Ok, that's creepy. Time to get a new case...

    Can you tell I'm not keen on spiders?


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