Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day? Bah. It's Trifon Zarezan here and we celebrate like Space Wolves!

Horus better get me a Valentine.
Woot, it's Valentine's Day apparently. Lots of pink, red, unnecessary golden decorations, hearts, kisses, hugs and Blood Angels laughing like little girls while taking baths together and combing their golden blond hairs with golden combs that say "I <3 Sanguinius". Cuz that's totally my thing.

Here we celebrate like the Sons of Russ! 

Bulgarian wine and cheese!
Triphon Zarezan (bg. Трифон Зарезан) is St. Tryphon's Feast and an Orthodox Bulgarian National holiday officially celebrated on the 1st of February according to the newer Julian Calendar, but everyone celebrates it today, February 14th, which is the old way. Of course that just gives people a reason to celebrate this religious holiday twice!

Trifon "The Bulgarian Wolf" Ivanov, 1994
Trifon Zarezan is a day dedicated to viticulture (study of grapes) and viniculture (winemaking) and he is the Patron Saint of winemakers, falconers, gardeners and bartenders. Celebrations involve the consummation of lots and lots of wine! So, there you go: finally a manly thing to celebrate on the 14th of February. Get obscenely drunk, start a brawl and go hunting with a falcon, while drunk.
In Bulgarian folklore, the two days that follow Trifon Zarezan are called "trifuntsi"  and are honored for protection from wolves. Women are not allowed to cut with scissors not to open the jaws of the wolf and refrain from knitting and sewing. So fellas, if you've been losing a lot to Space Wolves make sure to prevent your mothers, sisters, girlfriends or wives from doing these things and who knows, Leman Russ' Sons might even spare your life for once.

But probably not.


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