Monday, February 14, 2011

Unwrapping: New Tomb Kings Army Book and Models in May!

Couldn't fall asleep and decided to check the Games Workshop website just now and what do I see... Incoming: Tomb Kings. Wow! We all knew it was going to happen soon and finally we have the official word of GW that the Tomb Kings will awaken once more to rule whatever the Warhammer Fantasy universe/continent/planet-thing is called. So THAT's what the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 was for! Time for the Tomb Kings to restore the peace in the ancient country of Egypt. None of this Democracy jibba-jabba, it's time for some Undead-governed Monarchy..

Also... Gee, thanks, Gee Dub! There were TWO armies from the Warhammer Fantasy range that I was considering playing. TWO. Orcs and Goblins.. and Tomb Kings. First, you get me all excited with the new Savage Orc Boyz enough to finally decide to start an army and now you tease me with some Undead Egyptian goodies. Darn it! Now I'm not sure what to do.. Start Orcs or Goblins or waaaait a few months for the Tomb Kings? Arrrrrrrrgh! And that's a day after I put up an auction for the Tomb Kings Tomb Guards. Actually, that's not too bad, considering that they will probably get plastic models.

Mmmm... Mystery Monster.. *drool*
As seen above, we also get a sneak peak! Alright. You're thinking it, I'm thinking it.. so I'm just going to say it. This is going to be a Sphinx Monstrous Creature that shoots lasers from its eyes and counts as a Wizard that knows Tomb King magic, some unique buffing/destructing spells, possibly another Lore. Yep... that's what it is.

Bah! Don't know what to do now.. Orcs and Goblins OR Tomb Kings?


  1. Tomb Kings, of course! :)

  2. I wonder... maybe some kind of grand steed for a Tomb King? maybe it could be the Sphinx??? Orcs just got their big spider thingy (which looks sweet in the flesh). Hmmm rapant speculation kicks ass!

    I see you are also in IL? Are you heading to Adepticon?

  3. Yes, I am, sir and this blog is all about it. I live in Palatine and frequent the Deer Grove Games Workshop store. You should stop by.

  4. Top banana!

    Myself and my Drummer (Dethtron from Dick Move/IHOP) are playing a show in Lombard on the Saturday night during Adepticon weekend. You should come and sink some ale with us!

  5. Top banana? Whuuut?
    I'll be there on the second of April for the 40k Team Tournament. We are Team "Razorback Spam" and then I'll be 24 days away from being able to drink legally. Lame, huh. But that's not gonna stop me. I am Bulgarian after all. We do what we want.

    What's the name of the band?

  6. Balls! :(

    Sorry, my British sayings pop out once in a while lol! Top banana = awesome.

    We're called Crusader, I posted a video on my blog a couple of weeks ago while we recorded our EP.

    Sweet blog, btw :) consider yourself linked!

  7. Aw, shit. Nice! Crusader is a sweet name, will check your blog for it in a bit. But yeah, we'll be there Saturday night I hope, my buddy is gonna bring some booze n stuff. Not that I would drink or partake at all. That would be illegal. ;D

  8. could be a plastic bone giant? more to the scale of the latest plastic fantasy giant kit... that'd be amazing.

  9. Check out the latest GW 'Dice Book" look closely at the first picture -looks like a new Tomb King unit!

  10. I can tell you what they are. The one on the left is a "Necropolis Knight". They're Tomb King knights that ride giant serpent statues. Monstrous cavalry. The other is a "Necrosphinx", a giant animated centaur-like sphinx staue, with a lion's body and a human torso where the head would be. It has two blades over its arms, heroic killing blow and can fly.


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