Friday, February 11, 2011

The Dreadknight - Giant Weaboo Fighting Robot Paladin in Shining Armor...of Doom... from Outer Space!

So you thought Tau were the only ones that can use gigantic fighting robots?
So you thought Tyranids had the biggest Monstrous Creatures?
So you thought Space Wolves and their Thunderwolves were able to fight off your opponent's army by themselves?
So you thought the Stormraven is the coolest vehicle on the block?
So you thought the Hellpit Abomination was big and scary.
So you thought the Arachnarok was bigger and scarrier.

But this... You are not prepared. You are not prepared for the GREY KNIGHT DREADKNIGHT!
The two pictures below and a ton of other SCARY rumors that I just don't have to discuss right now were brought to you by Heresy Online!

Just like in my Japanese animes!!!! DESU!!
Comes with Double Nemesis DOOMFISTS.. of DOOM.. of Malan'tai!

Now, you're probably thinking. "Oi, Skarvald. This doesn't seem proppa. Da pikcha is blurry and obviously photoshopped. I can see it in the pixels. This fing is obviously fake. And how tall would it have to be anyway?" My answer?

Stack two Rhinos on top of each other.
Taller than a Land Raider.
Half the height of a Stormraven mounted on a flying base.
How do I know? Well..

This will be hard, Wolf Brothers. The enemy is one we cannot and should NEVER underestimate. The Emperor has given them His blessing and in battle they fight with blinding speed and deadly finesse. In the last calm moments before our bloody clash with the Knights in Shining Armor, remember that Leman Russ has given us the ability to use our acute sense when blinded by their speed and an even deadlier brutality, and know no fear for victory will, without a doubt, be ours! 

- Skarvald the Troll-faced

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