Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paincake is Deliciousness Leaving the Body!

Hurr hurr hurr..
Just became a brand spanking new member of the International House of Paincakes Blog Network and I was actually surprised that the person who read my application actually had taken the time to read some of my "articles". That was nice. Thanks, Dethtron. ;P Not sure why I didn't apply earlier.
So, if you have your own tiny, dandy place on the Internets where you like to share your little toy soldier stories with the rest of the world do not hesitate to drop Int'l House of Paincakes an e-mail if you think you are awesome enough.

I threatened them with my Thunderwolf and got accepted in no time.

Funny story about IHOP, though. And this time I'm talking about the place that serves delicious breakfasts 24/7. You might even say it's Warhammer 40,000 related. It was quote a long time ago:
Me and some buddies were driving to IHOP after a party, listening to some 100.3 FM and just commenting on how dark and scary the woods surrounding us were. You know, the usual blabber. Then all of a sudden a raccoon appeared. Man, was the little bugger fast! Our dedicated driver tried to avoid hitting him, but the raccoon apparently really wanted to give Death or Glory a shot and my friend's change of direction actually hit the poor little thing dead on. You could even say it got pancaked.
And then it that awkward, semi-sad moment I said the first thing that came to mind.. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! My apologies, PETA.

Other related news..

 It might look like a random blob or like left-over material from the construction of a Barby Doll House or something My Little Pony-related.. but this is the beginning of our Adepticon Display Board. It's a 3x3 ft. pink foam square that we are mounting on a wooden board. The stacked smaller pieces of pink foam will be hills and other raised areas and the hole in the middle is going to be broken ice from where one gigantic kraken tentacles and a bunch of other smaller ones (our Objective Markers) will be fighting our Space Wolves. We want the one big tentacle to be the radius of a monstrous creature base and tall enough to be seen from afar.
We'll be doing more work on this table on Wednesday..

And it just so happens that this Wednesday, February 09, 2011 the SIN of ALACRITY Space Hulk table over at A Gentleman's Ones is going to be announced for a raffle of some sort. No one really knows what the catch is going to be, but trust me when I tell you that this table is phenomenal and none of the awesome pictures do it justice. Its big, boxy, death trapy and grimdark. What else should it be? So mark your calendars and make sure you pay Brian's blog a visit.


  1. funny thing is that we of the HoP, also try to continue to read up and participate in our network members' blogs :)

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