Monday, February 28, 2011

Stealing a Jungle-themed Goblin Conversion: Need Help!

It's Green Week over at the Games Workshop Website! There's a very intriguing article showcasing a very cool Forest Goblin army, which looks savage enough to steal and add some gobbo units to my Savage Orc army. Problem is while I love converting, I have almost no knowledge on Warhammer Fantasy bits and pieces so it is pretty hard for me to find out what Dimitris used to convert his sweet Forest Goblins. Maybe you know?

Here are some pictures: 
I just love the feathers. I think they look sweet as hell. Also, the skull bit on the champion-looking gobbo. His 'uge weapon is pretty impressive too. They would all look amazing when obsidian-ized. The banner pole is obviously from Ghazghkull Thraka's model, but that's not what I'm interested in. I also definitely like the skull-holding gobbos. Now to the next picture.

So this unit is almost the same. It's got the feathers, the Champion guy and... that face mask on the shaman dude. Is that a conversion or does it come in a kit or some shape or form? I must have it.. And the palanquin is definitely a nice touch that I might try to incorporate somehow. I love Night Goblins and their rules (Come on, Fanatics!!!), but their models are so generic, static and boring... and they don't fit the theme of my Savage army. Is he using Arachnarok bitz?

Help me, guys. Can you see what kits, bitz, etc. were used for these gobbos? And if you happen to have any of them, would you be willing to sell or trade?


  1. The goblins are the current spider riders without their spiders - that includes the champion (with the skull mask) and the musician (beating the skull).

    The face mask in the second regiment looks like a Lizardmen bit, possibly the drum from the Cold One riders kit trimmed down?

  2. The article at GW mentions various kits used. For details, why not ask him directly?

    You'll find him in the comments; send him a message saying you liked his work and want to add some forest gobbos to your savage orks and would like to know which bits he found especially helpful.

  3. Thanks, guys! I knew I could count on you. Will e-mail him right away! :)

  4. Hi there,
    Border Prince was right,
    The forest gobos are from the battle for skull pass. the mask is from the lizardmen cold one sprue, its the drum.

    Here are some folders with some more pictures and WIP to have a look at:

    Anything else just ask. glad you liked it.

  5. Oh, crap. Now I have to find Battle for Skull Pass Goblin Riders. Lucky, lucky me. ;(

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