Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Savage Orc Boyz? *jaw drops* + [Adepticon 2011 Team Progress Update]

Today our store got the Black Box containing the new Orcs and Goblins Army Book, the new Savage Orc Boyz and the Arachnarok Spider. I'll be honest - I've been trying to stay away from Fantasy. For the longest time I was always busy with 40k and on the few occasions I got to play against people with friends armies I was pretty satisfied, yet not inspired enough to start an army of my own. People have been bugging me to start an army for the longest time too.. For my previous birthday I got a bunch of Skaven and was about to start my own clan Moulder with tons of Rat Ogre's aaand Hell Pit Abominations. But that never happened and I just sold/traded them on eBay. I got a nice trade for my last remaining 40 clan rats = got a badly painted Stompa!

Enter the Savage Orc Boyz!
 I... I was.. so happy when I saw the new Savage Boys. They are perfect. Orc skins is so much fun to paint and the lack of tons of straps, shirts and jackets to paint make them even more attractive. I always thought that the Ork Boyz were a pain in the neck to paint, especially because I never bother with painting heads and arms separate and everything eventually ended up being in the way of the paintbrush. But the Savage Orc Boyz! So bright! So much bones, so many possibilities! Look at them.. Definitely the best Orc/Ork models Games Workshop have ever sold.. I saw the kits today and there are so many weapons and other gubbinz to choose from. The Big Stabba? Why would you ever opt out of it? It is death on a stick..

Now, I know that I have plenty of things to paint. Those Space Wolves I have won't pant themselves, you know? I am planning to purchase a box of Savage Orcs and not open it until Adepticon is over. Or I'll try not to open it. How's that? I will be very careful about this project. I will only buy things that I'm ready to paint and will spend plenty of time on each model. I don't plan on having a horde army.. Maybe something in between. Like.. a smallish horde of elite guys and then some little guys. Here are some things that I'll have to change/think about/figure out:

Obsidian arrowhead!

- Figure out whether I want to run them with Spears, extra Hand weapons or Shields? Bows are out of the question.
- Will have the Big Stabba in every unit.
- Figure out a paint scheme. I definitely love the bright colors so I'll wait for some GW and blog articles.
- The stone weapons I plan on painting like obsidian. Probably Chaos Black with a light drybrush, white highlights and then gloss varnish. Or might use the Black Undercoat paint from the Paint Set. Then I'll sprinkle dried and fresh blood using Scab Red and Blood Red.
- They will start without tattoos but I will add tattoos to each squad when they prove themselves in battle. The more distinguished and successful a squad is, the more tattoos it will get.
- Will learn to be patient and paint the heads and other detail-obscuring pieces separate.

Other units to take will be Savage Boar Boyz, Goblin Wolf Riders including the new Goblin special character that makes them better at shooting (BS4 and other dakka!), definitely love new Savage Orc Shaman on Boar model so I'll have to pick it up at one point on another. Not sure what else as I was only able to peruse the army book and I am not that familiar with Warhammer Fantasy in general. The new Squig herd thing is pretty interesting too, and a pretty big unit of Goblins with Fanatics (with BIG skulls instead of chained metal balls) sounds pretty darn good to me.

Definitely a unit of Black Orcs that I'll need to convert somehow to make them look like Savage Orcs. I'm thinking that there should be a way to make their armor seems as if it was made from obsidian? Will have to research that. Maybe some very carefully placed Citadel Water Effects, Undercoat Black?

Team Razorback Spam Adepticon 2011 Progress:
- The pink foam part of the display board is not being glued to the wooden board with some PVA glue with.. hm... 8 Warhammer Fantasy Rulebooks and a Yellow Pages book sitting on top for some support.
- Met today with the guys to make sure progress was being made. We are doing different steps, but finishing on time definitely still seems possible.
- Started painting the faces of all the Space Wolves I own. Thinned layer of Tallarn Flesh, followed by a wash of Devlan Mud and then a 1:1 Tallarn Flesh and Elf Flesh mix was applied leaving some of the darker areas. About 50% have the 1:1 mix applied to them, the rest were washed before we had to call it a night.

- Still need to do some touch ups on the 4 Rhinos, Vindicator before I prime them Chaos Black and airbrush them with 2:1 Shadow Grey and Space Wolves Grey.
- Still need to prime and work on my 5 Thunderwolves.
- Still need to finish Skarvald's backpack and prime him.


  1. i hope that you find your iner WAAAGH!! and start an Orc and Goblin army:)


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