Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Gentleman's Ones

""Gentleman's Ones" is an expression commonly used among friends here to describe those devious double-ones required to pass a morale test when everything has otherwise gone horribly, horribly wrong. It's an admission that one doesn't really deserve to be on the table, but just might continue to fight anyway."
- from A Gentleman's Ones
 If you still haven't visited this marvelous blog, now is your chance. Check out the awesome models that B. Smoove has painted, his beautiful 3D interpretation of Space Hulk and all the other crazy projects that, without a doubt, will blow your mind.

And now I will share with you MY "Gentleman's Ones"

1. This one was recent. I was playing a 1750 pt. game using my buddy's Ork list against a very nasty Imperial Guard player who knew he was going to face Orkz and thus fielded tons of heavy bolters. His list consisted of 2 Leman Russ squadrons (not sure which type), a Psycher Battle Squad in a Chimera and then a bunch of other vehicles, few Sentinels.. Overall a pretty good, annoying list.
The list that I ran was fairly simple - 2 Warbosses with PKs - each with 10 Nobz (Painboy, Waagh banner, one with PK and everyone else with Big Choppas). One of them was in a trukk, one in a Battle Wagon with a Deff Rolla. There were two units of 30 Boyz with Nobz and Zagstruk with his Stormboyz was in reserve. Notice how the Nobz are not really kitted out for mean wound allocation!
So first turn I see a squad of Boyz whittled down to 3 Boyz and a Nob (they make their saves) and the Trukk is glanced and stunned from Heavy Bolters.. or something.

Yes. My Nobz had the balls.
My army advances and does nothing. Until the end of the game one unit of Boyz will never get in close combat and the Trukk will always be stunned, shaken or immobilized but never wrecked or destroyed. Zagstruk shows up and assaults a Leman Russ squadron, wrecking all 3 vehicles. Next turn he ends up being the only survivor and will wreck a Chimera before getting shot to death. The 3 Boyz and a Nob squad becomes just a lonely Nob who ends up killing 2 vehicles in the next 2 turns all by himself AND survives the game. However, it all seems lost when my closest Nob squad gets hit with his psychic power and their Ld gets reduced to 2. They get shot.. a LOT.. . I roll like a 9 or 10 and use my boss pole to re-roll the moral save... and BAM! A GENTLEMAN'S ONES!

I then start screaming WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! from joy and proceed to humiliate his Leman Russes. I really needed that save, because my whole army was being kited around and when I made it, it really changed the game around for me. Final result was 7 KP to 2 for me - He got a point for killing my Battlewagon and Zagstruk's unit. Silly Guardsmen.

But then you'll probably say "But Vlaaaaaaaaad, you had a boss pol and that was not faaaaaair!"
Well, then... sit tight for I have yet another story to tell! : )

2. Da Sevun Bloo Boyz
The store had a pretty big Planetstrike game in which everyone brought 1,000 points of their army. My team was playing Attackers and for most of the game my Boyz were pretty much unharmed. A turn or so before the game ended I had a unit of 25+ Boyz with a Power Klaw Nob and they were headed for this tiny sandbag bunker in the middle of the map. Now, in Planetstrike Attackers touching an objective count as controlling it and it just so happened that my Orkz were the only ones around AND this little bunker was the tiebreaker. What was in the bunker? Genestealers and Scarab Swarms. My Boyz WAAAAAGH and multi-assault them sustaining minor injuries due to lucky rolling. So far so good.

Next turn they get assaulted by..
Ultramarines Terminators
Blood Angels Assault Squad
A few Tactical Marines
NECRON WARRIORS - Yes, that's right. They assaulted me since they had nothing to shoot at.

Uh-oh. I get to watch my Boyz dieing like flies before they can even strike back. However, Mork was watching over me and he made sure that 7 Boyz remained. Their attacks killed a few Scarab Swarms, but the damage was done. I had to allocate wounds on my Nob and he ended up dieing so that meant no bosspole morale re-roll for me. ;_; Luckily my boyz were not Fearless, which would have meant taking like 15 armor saves. Yikes. Combat ended and I needed to take that impossible morale save. It was the very last turn of the game (Defenders didn't get their turn because they had the points advantage and we were running out of time).. and I rolled A GENTLEMAN'S ONES.
My brave Ork Boyz decided to stay and fight for this meaningless little bunker. Was it because of sheer stupidity or blood lust? Probably.

Da Sevun Bloo Boyz
Later that same day I repainted those seven Boyz from red to blue. After all, Orkz believe that blue brings luck to their race and they WERE lucky to survive that meat grinder.
Since then, I started painting my Orkz blue. My painting skills have evolved since then but these little guys are always in the front lines of one of my Ork Mobz and no matter the tactical situation, I always, always remove them last. They have never stopped working for me.

I haven't had any Gentleman's Ones with my Space Wolves, but I believe that when I start playing with them more often they will also get to experience the epic power of the double ones.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Narwhals, Narwhals Swimming in the Ocean...

.. causing a commotion, 'cause they are so awesome!

So I heard you liek S10 AP2 to the face?
Not a whole lot going on these day with college classes and attempts to find a job. I did, however, get a nice deal on a built Vindicator from a younger customer at the store. Funny story, I gave him the same Vindie kit during last year's Christmas Secret Santa and now it came back to me. The condition that I got him in was slightly average to below average, but then again it was built by a little kid, hehe.
So.. I grabbed some Green Stuff and off I went on a repairing spree, filling out all the gaps there were.

And then.. I started cutting it with the hobby knife!
I guess I just like the slightly damaged look of my vehicles and guys. They should look like they fight constantly and without rest all the time.
So anyways, this bad boy is going to be called Narhval, which is the northern way of saying "narwhal". My plan for this Vindicator is to green stuff a pretty big narwhal horn and mount it inside his cannon like a ginormous harpoon.

In other unrelated news, I managed to grab some sweet bits from an Ogre Kingdoms player - their battalion box is PERFECT for the feral Space Wolves - tankards filled with mead, juicy ribs, barrels of ale and even bear traps. I got a score of each for any future conversions.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Research Completed!

After I purchased the two sets of Forge World Space Wolf Rhino Doors I just wanted to build them as soon as possible, because I couldn't wait to see what they would look like on the actual models.
I had two unopened Rhino kits from before but was afraid to even start building them. Why? Well, I messed up a few of them - something always seemed to go wrong when I was building my previous two rhinos.
But I decided to man up and with some encouragement from the GW store owner I finally built my Rhinos.
Both sets of side doors were warped and bent so we nuked some hot water in the microwave and dipped them in it for a few seconds. Just like plastic, resin becomes very malleable when exposed to higher temperature, thus you can flatten any warped pieces. Other than that they didn't have any annoying mold lines or at least anything that my sharp knife couldn't handle. ;P

Bragi - The Rhino of my Rune Priest

   The front of the second Rhino was slightly messed up so I had to green stuff a pretty big gap that was left between it and the actual Rhino. Whatever. The models look so sweet now that even if I were to cover them with random chunks of Green Stuff all over the place (Nurgle Rhino, anyone?) it would still look sexy as hell.

I am a big fan of vehicles that are themed in some shape or form. The Space Wolves are very individual, which probably means that their dedicated transports are just as unique and flavorful.
My Rune Priest's Rhino is named after Bragi - the Norse God of wisdom and patron of all skalds. It has an open book on one of its sides (from a Dark Angels Ravenwing battleforce) and the sides of it will be covered in runes to represent the important and venerable character inside. I am not a big fan of Extra Armor, but in some games I can see myself spending the 15 pts. just for that Rhino to reflect the mystical energy that protects it.

My second Rhino, Sleipnir (Odin's eight-legged steed) does not get a special HQ riding in it, but it serves a very important role in my army. You see, there is a barrel of very, very intoxicating ale on it. If the Rhino is untouched at the end of a game the Space Wolves would count that as a personal victory despite any silling objectives or kill points.

On the left - Sleipnir. Notice the barrel of booze!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Road to Games Day 2010

If you'd rather read about Games Day and not about how we got there, then please skip this part and click here for the second part.

Part 1: The Wild, Wild East
What do three 40k players need to travel more than 750 miles from Chicago, IL all the way to Baltimore, MD?
Some bread, a cooler filled with Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper, an iPod with some good Rock N' Roll, cases filled with miniatures and a red Jeep. CUZ RED UNZ GO FASTA!!!!!!!!!!
It's what we had and all we needed to make this long trip, and by the Emperor on his Golden Toilet, it was WORTH it.

We left from our beloved state (which was actually the worst and most tedious part of our trip - IL has the worst roads in the world) around 8:30 am on Friday the 22nd with some trusty Mapquest directions and the cheery tunes that were playing on the radio. Before that we changed the motor oil to get better gas mileage. My friends Vince and Nolan were switching driver duties every 3 hours or so... which pretty much meant every time we got gas and our trip took is trough the states of Michigan (where I played Detroit Rock City by KISS), Ohio (which apparently is the slowest state when it comes to preparing fast food), Pennsylvania (which charged us $3.90 just for entering the state and just like the name states IS one giant forest) and of course Maryland.
We went a little bit too far North so we lost some momentum on the way to the convention, but that was fixed with a quick stop for directions at a Red Roof Inn. ; ) The whole trip in general was very exciting for me, because it was my first real roadtrip and the first time I got to explore the U.S ever since I moved here from Bulgaria. I have to say, the further east we went, the more gorgeous the scenery became and the more it reminded me of the years spent in my motherland. Pennsylvania was definitely the best, though. A single road with almost no signs and around it the only thing I could see were trees, trees and more trees. It was simply breathtaking. To being our journey from Illinois - a state torn by the industrialization and with more concrete than plants and to end in such a paradise after the barren Midwest... Whoo boy..

When we got to Baltimore it was already really grim.. and dark. It is a gorgeous city that looks very inspiring but doesn't really have the crowd of Chicago. Also, there is nightlife! Yep. People actually do stuff outside when it gets dark. That and just the relaxing atmosphere of the city reminded me of my own hometown which is also located next to a significant body of water (The Black Sea). I don't know. There was something in the air that just felt like home and I'd love to visit Baltimore again and again even if it is not for a nerdy convention. ;P Oh, yeah.
Obviously we weren't able to get any rooms in any of the three hotels that were pretty much glued to the Games Day convention hall so we had to get a room for the night over at the Best Western. I have no idea what a Best Western is doing in the Far East, though... All I know is that they charged us $150 for a two bed room (one bed rooms were the same price) with a TV and a bathroom fan that were not working and a really upsetting "free" breakfast in the morning. I was going to complain like so many people have done to me while I was working in the Hotel business but we were too tired after a day's worth of driving across the U.S. of A.


Man, I need to find a guide on how to properly photograph miniatures. You'd think that a guy like me who enjoys taking pictures for battle reports and army progression would know more about the tools of the trade but I guess I'm just lazy and stubborn.

Brother Orkan Stromnar
So anyway, today I finally built my Cyclone Missile Launcher Terminator. He has his handy-dandy Storm Bolter candy and a chain-fist for good measure in case I'm playing a game without Kill Points. No one would target a single guy like him, right? Not when there are tons of Thunderwolves and Grey Hunters in your back yard. I guess he'd do well against those Bastions in Planetstrike, huh? Deep Strike close to it and shoot for a bit, maybe gunning down squads that have been hurt by the Firestorm strike and then next turn charge and shred that building like it's nothing! :)

Otherwise he's going to hang out with the Long Fangs and that squad is going to be firing 7 missiles a turn.

A Cyclone Missile Launcher bit is hard to come by. It only comes in one box and everyone seems to be using it in some shape or form. It also doesn't help that I cannot find the sprue that I bought a long time ago.. so I had to trade for it. But it was a nice trade from a fellow Wolf Brother. Not sure if you can see some of the battle damage that I went for on this model. There are several cuts and bullet holes on his left shoulder and some gashes in the missile launcher itself. I like the grimy, messy look on models. I guess you can tell that I also play Orkz, huh?

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Should have announced it earlier buuuut....


Vince, Nolan and I are making the trip east to this year's one and only Games Day! We got our ticket a couple of days ago, our preparations include a cooler of Dr. Pepper, some cold cut sammiches, an iPod with cool music, our 40k stuff the idea to stop and spend the night at a cheap hotel of some sort..
The road is long and we don't know what awaits us in the foreign land of Maryland but personally I'm hoping for some Space Wolf stuff. We had a blast at Games Day 2009 Chicago and Waaaagh'd until our throats were bleeding so here's to another amazing event by Games Workshop!

I'll be taking pictures all the time since I'm our group's designated photographer (and I don't mind it at all!) and you can bet your ass that I'll post tons of them here along with a description of the event.

See you there!

Of kombi-meltaz and frost choppas

Woo! It has been a busy day! I've been building more and more Grey Hunters. I have toooo many, but is it my fault that Grey Hunters are the BEST? If my calculations are correct, then I should have more than 40 models, maybe more. I built 17 today, finishing the power armored models from the Space Wolves Battleforce (which is SUCH a good deal - you end up getting a Drop Pod for free). I gave away the Drop Pod to a friend of mine and I still need to assemble the Scouts, but they will be staying in their plastic prisons for a while since I am not going to be needing them just yet. I will eventually post a big picture with all of the Grey Hunters I have, since I'm sure that they will be a sight to behold.

In the meantime I have been converting combi-meltas. Following this easy guide, I was able to create one of them. I even taught a fellow and younger Space Wolf player today how to make one. Due to a sharper knife his ended up looking better than mine... ;_; The cut was sort of uneven, so Green Stuff was used to combine both parts smoothly. I'm still waiting for the curing process to end and then I'll file the excess putty.

For a while I've been also looking around for the bits and pieces that I will need for my Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf. He's going to be armed with an impressive Frost Axe. Even though the ones from the current Space Wolves boxes look reaaaal good I was not impresses with the size or the ferocity. And then I found this bad boy in a Ziploc baggies. Just need to amputate the poor Ork's hand holding it and maybe add some wolfy bitz. But come on, now this axe looks like a weapon that gives +1S and can easily slice through power armor.

His previous owner called it.. Da Frost Choppa..

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mr. Dandy's "Battle-Wolf War Mounts"

If you have not heard of Mr. Dandy's resin Thunderwolf Cavalry models, then you need to visit his website and fall in love with his models. So far I think they are the best Thunderwolf variants circulating on the Internet both when it comes to quality and price. There are 5 different poses: baying, sentry, rearing, tracking and lunging. A full set of 5 (or whatever 5 poses you want) runs you $90 + $5 shipping. Each individual wolf is $20 otherwise.

About a month and a half ago me and my buddy ordered 17 of them. O_O
Yeah, I know... tons of money... but money spent well nonetheless.

I am here to describe the process of assembly and to post some pictures of the assembled Thunderwolf Cavalry. Also included are pictures of 5 out of my 6 guys on Thunderwolves. My Wolf Lord is not yet assembled.

They were out first resin models. At first we were worried and bought some masks to protects us from airborne dust particles, but we never ended up using them.
The Thunderwolves came in Ziploc baggies. Each one contained the pieces needed to assemble the models, a resin base and for the dynamic poses the sculptor included clear plastic rods for support.

Sentry Thunderwolf with Bolt Gun

To get rid of any chemicals stuck on the models we filled each baggy with some liquid soap and lukewarm water. We then closed each bag and put them in a cooler filled with lukewarm water outside for about an hour. Proceeded to scrub each and every piece with a brush and some liquid soap, then rinsing them in some more water. It is very important to clean each individual wolf and take your time. Do not forget to put them back in the baggies so you don't mix the parts.

Tracking Thunderwolf with CCW/bolt pistol.
There was plenty of flash that was very, very easy to remove and of course lines that had to be filed down using a GW file or a hobby knife. We then carefully rinsed each wolf with water and dried them using paper towels (again, placing them in baggies).
The followed assembly was a piece of cake. Each leg is labeled whether it is left or right, all tails (except for Sentry wolf) are identical and positioned the same way. I really recommend GW's new Super Glue with the applicator - it did wonders for gluing the tails on. No pinning was necessary, although we had to green stuff a lot of cracks.

Lunging Thunderwolf with CCW/Storm Shield
We pretty much had to fill in any connection points with green stuff to hide the gaps. For example, there were visible gaps where the jaws connected to the head, where legs and tails attacked to the body. However, green stuffing over fur is a piece of cake. All you need is some patience, green stuff, the sculpting tool and a hobby knife and you are set.

For the lunging and rearing, we had to drill a hole in the body to put the plastic rods in and then used green stuff around the area where it connected to the base and the body. These wolves were also pinned to the bases for extra stability.

Baying Thunderwolf with Thunder Hammer
 The rider legs are universal Space Marine legs. They are all the same and fit on every wolf. We had to make a little ball joint out of green stuff on top of the legs, because the flat, rectangular surface did not match the oval part of the Space Marine torso. Some filing was needed to make sure they fit. We used super glue to connect the legs to the saddles and the legs to the torso. If there were any weird gaps, we just sculpted some fur accessories. You might need to pin/use green stuff on the rearing rider, because he'll end up leaning waaaay back.

Rearing Thunderwolf with Melta Bomb

As you can see, the Thunderwolf models look phenomenal. I personally think that they are worth the money and the extra work, because the models are so spectacular-looking and good in the game. It is a shame that Games Workshop has not yet released their own official models for the Thunderwolf Cavalry unit from the Space Wolves Codex. The big, bulky monstrosity that is Canis Wolfborn is too static and awkward for me to spend 40+ dollars on, jsut to chop it up and cover most of it with green stuff. I cannot wait to start painting them.

New Puppies!

Just a quick post about what I've been doing these past few days. I opened a new boxed set of Grey Hunters and finally built them. This time I took my time picking their gear, poses and carefully cleaning any imperfections, since from the two previous boxes I have half a dozen models with gear that I don't plan or using or equipment that was just plain.. plain wrong (Yes, I was dumb enough to give a Grey Hunter a storm bolter... Okay. I gave it to TWO models.)

I even played around and made two Wolf Guard models equipped with a Power Fist and a combi-melta (which apparently comes only if a few boxes, but I was lucky to find a metal and a plastic one).
Notice the wolf tail on the combi-melta to the left.
43 pts. for a model that gives my Grey Hunter pack +1 LD and TWO ways to deal with vehicles and other nasty things, especially when they can dish out 3 S8 attacks even when charged? Deal.

Finished assembling my Long Fangs pack. Not very happy with the sergeant guy, but they look cool. It was kind of nice that so many people decided to give me so many missile launchers for free. They go for like $9 on bits order websites and Games Workshop does not sell them separately. Go figure. They kind of look intimidating.

I also worked on the rest of the packs.. and here's what pissed me off. There are no melta guns. NONE. They don't come in the box. I guess GW was too busy stuffing the box with plasma guns and plasma pistols. Oh, also.. no flamers. ; ( I had to order the blisters containing melta guns and even then they were a pain in the butt to put. Whatever. Melta weapons are so awesome they deserve the hassle. I also decided to be silly and for my Mark of the Wulfen guy decided to try a double-sided, double-edged chainsword... just because. Will make sure to give him orange and black face paint. ;P

That's right. He's gonna pop a melta cap in your heretical ass.

Monday, August 9, 2010


A quick shot of our opponent's table.
What happens when Space Elves and Space Orkz duke it out for no reason on 4 tables with 18,000 points per side? I'll tell you what happens. APORKALYPSE. When the two armies with the hardest super heavy vehicles to destroy in the game face each other... well then even rocks falling from the sky (literally) won't stop their battle.... for in the grim darkness of the far future there is only WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

This friendly game of Apocalypse was very sudden and was between 3 Eldar players and 3 Ork players. Originally the points were supposed to be in the 20-25k range, but we decided to keep it "light" and play only with 18,000 points per side. And boy was that a LOT.

Ork table #2!
Ork table #1!

Let me tell you something about Orkz. They don't scale up with points very well. The more points you play, the harder it is to find the models to fill in the gaps, because our stuff is oh so cheap. Our list was created in less than 30 minutes.. without writing anything down. O_O We just said what we had and what we wanted and added it all up on a calculator. So in the end we ended up with a lot of "theoretical" models.

 We had around 20 Big Meks with Kustom Force Fields scattered all over the play, but we maybe had the models for 4-5 of them (each Stompa had 2 Big Meks with KFFs with some Burna Boyz meks) and we pretty much said that we were going to recycle models. I mean, after all.. all of our models would not have been able to fit on the tables.

There really was no premise or back-story for this epic battle, but the way I decided to look at it was a huge ork Waaagh attacking two Eldar Craftworlds at the same time. Why? Oh.. the usual stuff.

I never really learned the difference between all the Eldar vehicles. Wave Serpents, Scorpions, Cobras, Vampire Hunters.. and what nots. For some reason they all just look and sound the same to me.. and they are all nigh impossible to kill or out-shoot. I'll let the pictures speak for my ignorance. There were a lot of Forge World Eldar fliers. Yeah. You can't charge them, the Orkz' short shooting ranges are decreased even further and the need to roll 6s to hit and having to go through TWO rerollable 4+ cover saves takes care of even massive fire batteries like Lootaz or Deffkoptaz. Oh, well.

3 out of da 5 Stompaz!
And the Orkz.. Well.. We fielded 5 Stompaz. Yep. Two of them were built from scratch just the night before. They might look silly, but were SO killy. The white stompa with the googly eyes was dubbed "Da Kindergarten Stompa" from one of the younger players in the store. Does it mean that it had a higher education than any Ork in Ork "history"?

Quite possible if you ask me. ; )

Da Kindergarten Stompa!
Every single Stompa was armed to da teef with dakka. Deff Arsenals, Lifta Droppas, Belly Gunz, Gazes of Mork, Repair Krewz... you name it. We had so much dakka we put the Eldar scatter lasers and other killy pretty lights to shame! No, seriously. Our shooting phase took longer than our moving phase and once you hear how many Ork Boyz we had to move... you won't believe it. Once we saw the Eldar deployed we pretty much knew that our Stompaz were as good as dead, hoping to have at least 2 standing at the beginning of our turn.

But you know what? Stompaz are tough as nails! As I said before, each Stompa had a Repair Krew, 2 Big Meks (who allow weapons to shoot in the same turn they were fixed by them on a 4+!!!), 3 Burna Meks who could fix weapons.. and of course that delicious 4+ cover save from the Kustom Force Field. Add that to the 13 armor on the front and the fact that their primary weapons ignore any destroyed or shaken results on a 4+ and the Stompa becomes a vehicle to behold!

Other things we fielded were the various Apocalypse formations. The Shokk Attack Battery composed of 3 Big Meks with Shokk Attack Guns was quite devastating, a Dread Mob, and Ghazghkull Thraka's barrage of 3 FALLIN' ROCKS definitely surprised our opponents... and us. One of them scattered onto the poor Giant Squiggoth inflicting a small boo-boo on the monstrosity. We had the formation with Lootas in Trukkz, a Deffkopta formation with 21 models, a Nob Biker formation lead by a Warboss, Zagstruk deep struck from the skies and Snikkrot did his snikky schtick. Oh, and we had 3 Green Tides with 200 Ork Boyz in each. My Green tide also had Old Zogwort (completely useless because of the psychic protection that the Eldar have, but the chance of a Deep Strike with 200 Boyz was just too silly to miss) and the infamous Mad Dok Grotsnik who gave all of them Feel no Pain.

Avatar: The Last A--.
Surprisingly enough, none of the Green Tides got wiped out. Scary templates, deadly salvos of alien weaponry that definitely did not make the "dakka" sound.. they somehow managed to foot slog it until they reached the enemies. Well, one of them did hit a formation of an Avatar who was leading every friggin' Eldar Phoenix Lord in existance. That whole thing was more than 1500 points by itself and it did not flinch when it got charged by more than 200 Orkz. Until the end of the game this Ultimate Deathstar unit was kicking ass and taking names and our brave Orkz Boyz, Warbosses and Mad Doks couldn't do squat.. ;_;

Clash of the Titans
Like all games, this Apocalypse game was more of a massive monster mash than an objective game and at the end we were too excited AND tired to care about who controlled the most objectives. And to be honest, I don't think that anything of value was left beneath the stampede of Ork Boyz and Stompaz.
The only Stompa that got gunned down was the melee-oriented Goff Stompa that got most of its structure points melted by a brave unit of Eldar Fire Dragons, but it wasn't until it fell the black Revenant Scout Titan that it turned into a pile of steaming scraps.

Stompas ARE Walkers after all..
With all the big toys on the field, everyone was trying to achieve moral victory by destroying as many super heavies as possible, but bad rolls, lucky saves and even luckier repair rolls made this feat so much harder. I specifically  remember an Eldar Cobra failing both of its rerollable saves and then rolling double 6s next turn, repairing all casualties. Or How a Stompa lost all of its weapons at one point and managed to repair all of them.. Or a Stompa climbing up a building to get a clear shot. The Eldar also had that nasty Nighspinner silliness that made all terrain for MY Green Tide difficult AND dangerous. I then proceeded to lifta drop its ass every single turn, managing to stop it from shooting by glancing it.

I was also a big fan of a melee between a Deff Dread leading some Killa Kanz that managed to krump the faces of a bigger Warwalker squad. Alien technology? Put a gretchin in trash can, wield it shut and see what happens to your fancy Space Elf toys.. : )

In general, the game was a lot of fun. There was not a whole lot of carnage, because most of the Eldar firepower was directed towards our lumbering behemoths. In the end, a Stompa, a Revenant Scout Titan and a few Eldar fliers bit the dust, and both Cobras were wrecked beyond any repair..  I learned that I have less Orkz than I thought I had and that I need more Boyz. But I guess it makes sense, I've been in the hobby for just a year now, the spores are still underground. ;P I'm looking forward to another Apocalypse game and then hopefully I'll have at least one of my Stompaz painted and ready to go. I'd love to do something like they did in the Stompa Apocalypse White Dwarf, where each Stompa had it's own secret mission to accomplish or something like that. I'm a big fan of story driven campaigns or battles.

A lot of the Orkz were painted, which was a pleasant surprise. Usually in games like this da Orkz are mostly black or even grey, but I think that 95% of all Ork Boyz were painted. Now that's impressive! I do have a lot more pictures to post, but maybe I'll save them for some other occasion.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Unpainted Unz Don't Go Anywhere!

Nothing interesting as of yet, Brothers! ;_;
STILL trying to come up with a slightly brighter, yet grim-looking paint scheme for our Space Wolves. In a week out local Games Workshop store is going to start a campaign that my friend suggested and I will unleash a 2,000 pts. Space Wolves army featuring..... 3 full squads of Thunderwolves.. including 2 Wolf Lords riding on their trusty Thunderwolf mounts.

For now, I have a badly painted Stompa soaking in a bucket of diluted Simple Green. Got it in exchange for 40 Skaven Clanrats. How's that for an awesome deal? I cannot help but picture a disappointed Big Mek who's waiting for a few acid rains to strip the horrible paint-job on this gargantuan scrap of metal.... Oh, man.. I still have to prime AND paint my first Stompa. I'm also going to scratch-build a Lifta Droppa for this bad boy, because the Lifta Droppa is the epitome of everything Orky!