Thursday, August 19, 2010

Of kombi-meltaz and frost choppas

Woo! It has been a busy day! I've been building more and more Grey Hunters. I have toooo many, but is it my fault that Grey Hunters are the BEST? If my calculations are correct, then I should have more than 40 models, maybe more. I built 17 today, finishing the power armored models from the Space Wolves Battleforce (which is SUCH a good deal - you end up getting a Drop Pod for free). I gave away the Drop Pod to a friend of mine and I still need to assemble the Scouts, but they will be staying in their plastic prisons for a while since I am not going to be needing them just yet. I will eventually post a big picture with all of the Grey Hunters I have, since I'm sure that they will be a sight to behold.

In the meantime I have been converting combi-meltas. Following this easy guide, I was able to create one of them. I even taught a fellow and younger Space Wolf player today how to make one. Due to a sharper knife his ended up looking better than mine... ;_; The cut was sort of uneven, so Green Stuff was used to combine both parts smoothly. I'm still waiting for the curing process to end and then I'll file the excess putty.

For a while I've been also looking around for the bits and pieces that I will need for my Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf. He's going to be armed with an impressive Frost Axe. Even though the ones from the current Space Wolves boxes look reaaaal good I was not impresses with the size or the ferocity. And then I found this bad boy in a Ziploc baggies. Just need to amputate the poor Ork's hand holding it and maybe add some wolfy bitz. But come on, now this axe looks like a weapon that gives +1S and can easily slice through power armor.

His previous owner called it.. Da Frost Choppa..

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