Saturday, August 28, 2010

Research Completed!

After I purchased the two sets of Forge World Space Wolf Rhino Doors I just wanted to build them as soon as possible, because I couldn't wait to see what they would look like on the actual models.
I had two unopened Rhino kits from before but was afraid to even start building them. Why? Well, I messed up a few of them - something always seemed to go wrong when I was building my previous two rhinos.
But I decided to man up and with some encouragement from the GW store owner I finally built my Rhinos.
Both sets of side doors were warped and bent so we nuked some hot water in the microwave and dipped them in it for a few seconds. Just like plastic, resin becomes very malleable when exposed to higher temperature, thus you can flatten any warped pieces. Other than that they didn't have any annoying mold lines or at least anything that my sharp knife couldn't handle. ;P

Bragi - The Rhino of my Rune Priest

   The front of the second Rhino was slightly messed up so I had to green stuff a pretty big gap that was left between it and the actual Rhino. Whatever. The models look so sweet now that even if I were to cover them with random chunks of Green Stuff all over the place (Nurgle Rhino, anyone?) it would still look sexy as hell.

I am a big fan of vehicles that are themed in some shape or form. The Space Wolves are very individual, which probably means that their dedicated transports are just as unique and flavorful.
My Rune Priest's Rhino is named after Bragi - the Norse God of wisdom and patron of all skalds. It has an open book on one of its sides (from a Dark Angels Ravenwing battleforce) and the sides of it will be covered in runes to represent the important and venerable character inside. I am not a big fan of Extra Armor, but in some games I can see myself spending the 15 pts. just for that Rhino to reflect the mystical energy that protects it.

My second Rhino, Sleipnir (Odin's eight-legged steed) does not get a special HQ riding in it, but it serves a very important role in my army. You see, there is a barrel of very, very intoxicating ale on it. If the Rhino is untouched at the end of a game the Space Wolves would count that as a personal victory despite any silling objectives or kill points.

On the left - Sleipnir. Notice the barrel of booze!

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