Friday, August 6, 2010

Unpainted Unz Don't Go Anywhere!

Nothing interesting as of yet, Brothers! ;_;
STILL trying to come up with a slightly brighter, yet grim-looking paint scheme for our Space Wolves. In a week out local Games Workshop store is going to start a campaign that my friend suggested and I will unleash a 2,000 pts. Space Wolves army featuring..... 3 full squads of Thunderwolves.. including 2 Wolf Lords riding on their trusty Thunderwolf mounts.

For now, I have a badly painted Stompa soaking in a bucket of diluted Simple Green. Got it in exchange for 40 Skaven Clanrats. How's that for an awesome deal? I cannot help but picture a disappointed Big Mek who's waiting for a few acid rains to strip the horrible paint-job on this gargantuan scrap of metal.... Oh, man.. I still have to prime AND paint my first Stompa. I'm also going to scratch-build a Lifta Droppa for this bad boy, because the Lifta Droppa is the epitome of everything Orky!

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