Monday, August 30, 2010

Narwhals, Narwhals Swimming in the Ocean...

.. causing a commotion, 'cause they are so awesome!

So I heard you liek S10 AP2 to the face?
Not a whole lot going on these day with college classes and attempts to find a job. I did, however, get a nice deal on a built Vindicator from a younger customer at the store. Funny story, I gave him the same Vindie kit during last year's Christmas Secret Santa and now it came back to me. The condition that I got him in was slightly average to below average, but then again it was built by a little kid, hehe.
So.. I grabbed some Green Stuff and off I went on a repairing spree, filling out all the gaps there were.

And then.. I started cutting it with the hobby knife!
I guess I just like the slightly damaged look of my vehicles and guys. They should look like they fight constantly and without rest all the time.
So anyways, this bad boy is going to be called Narhval, which is the northern way of saying "narwhal". My plan for this Vindicator is to green stuff a pretty big narwhal horn and mount it inside his cannon like a ginormous harpoon.

In other unrelated news, I managed to grab some sweet bits from an Ogre Kingdoms player - their battalion box is PERFECT for the feral Space Wolves - tankards filled with mead, juicy ribs, barrels of ale and even bear traps. I got a score of each for any future conversions.

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