Monday, August 23, 2010


Man, I need to find a guide on how to properly photograph miniatures. You'd think that a guy like me who enjoys taking pictures for battle reports and army progression would know more about the tools of the trade but I guess I'm just lazy and stubborn.

Brother Orkan Stromnar
So anyway, today I finally built my Cyclone Missile Launcher Terminator. He has his handy-dandy Storm Bolter candy and a chain-fist for good measure in case I'm playing a game without Kill Points. No one would target a single guy like him, right? Not when there are tons of Thunderwolves and Grey Hunters in your back yard. I guess he'd do well against those Bastions in Planetstrike, huh? Deep Strike close to it and shoot for a bit, maybe gunning down squads that have been hurt by the Firestorm strike and then next turn charge and shred that building like it's nothing! :)

Otherwise he's going to hang out with the Long Fangs and that squad is going to be firing 7 missiles a turn.

A Cyclone Missile Launcher bit is hard to come by. It only comes in one box and everyone seems to be using it in some shape or form. It also doesn't help that I cannot find the sprue that I bought a long time ago.. so I had to trade for it. But it was a nice trade from a fellow Wolf Brother. Not sure if you can see some of the battle damage that I went for on this model. There are several cuts and bullet holes on his left shoulder and some gashes in the missile launcher itself. I like the grimy, messy look on models. I guess you can tell that I also play Orkz, huh?

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