Thursday, July 15, 2010

Curse you, Adeptus Mechanicus!

Today I was working on my first Space Wolves Rhino, excited to finally have a transport for my Grey Hunters without having to borrow one of the store's vehicles to proxy it in some of my games. Everything went smooth, until I had to put the tracks on. You know - common sense dictates that I should follow the diagram and have them face in the right direction... except the last pieces did not fit that way and I had to reverse them, according to the GW employee there.

No biggie. I've heard about this problem and it really didn't cost me that much time to fix.
I also learned that I should not use plastic glue while putting the top piece on. Why? Well, because even putting a little bit of glue was apparently too much and it turned into a gooey, stringy concoction that I had to file down.. and it still looks bad. Hopefully a nice layer of primer and a base coat of paint will fix it and if not... well.. There's plenty of snowfall on Fenris!

Now, the whole deal with the plastic glue was my own damn fault and I should have known better. I am used to building ork vehicles.. where you don't really care if you put too much glue or filed down something that you were not supposed too. For heaven's sake, I even drilled and gouged my last Battlewagon to make it look more "Orky"!!!

No, my beef with the Adeptus Mechanicus has to do with my second rhino.

I came home, eager to work on my second vehicle and ready to build it the right way. I quickly created my little hobby area using an old cork board that I put on top of my nightstand. It actually looks kind of neat, right? I carefully filed down all flash and used my hobby knife to get rid of annoying crap. I used just enough plastic glue to securely connect the main pieces and when I tried to put the rear ramp/door/hatch, well, lets just say that it and the Rhino's chassis were not meant to be.

The door was just too small. Or maybe not. Actually, when compared to the other one it was just the same size. I don't know what was wrong with it, though. The only problem I could think of was that the treats are facing the opposite way but that was the only way they could fit. I've tried to squeeze both sides of the Rhino as close together as possible and it still does not fit.
This also happened to my friend's Vindicator, which also uses the Rhino's chassis.
This is so frustrating. You try and make things right and then things just bite you in the ass..

I am bringing the vehicle along with my receipt tomorrow to my local store, hoping that the owner will be able to show me if I messed up somewhere. If not, I am going to ask for a replacement that will work. What sucks is that I really hate to be that guy, but the damn Rhino cost me like $33. I am not going to butcher it and I'm not willing to use plasticard or green stuff to fix something if it is not my fault.


  1. This might sound obviousl, but did you make sure the floor panel was located in the sockets properly? Sometimes you gotta squeeze them in good, as the mold may be slightly off.


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