Monday, August 16, 2010

New Puppies!

Just a quick post about what I've been doing these past few days. I opened a new boxed set of Grey Hunters and finally built them. This time I took my time picking their gear, poses and carefully cleaning any imperfections, since from the two previous boxes I have half a dozen models with gear that I don't plan or using or equipment that was just plain.. plain wrong (Yes, I was dumb enough to give a Grey Hunter a storm bolter... Okay. I gave it to TWO models.)

I even played around and made two Wolf Guard models equipped with a Power Fist and a combi-melta (which apparently comes only if a few boxes, but I was lucky to find a metal and a plastic one).
Notice the wolf tail on the combi-melta to the left.
43 pts. for a model that gives my Grey Hunter pack +1 LD and TWO ways to deal with vehicles and other nasty things, especially when they can dish out 3 S8 attacks even when charged? Deal.

Finished assembling my Long Fangs pack. Not very happy with the sergeant guy, but they look cool. It was kind of nice that so many people decided to give me so many missile launchers for free. They go for like $9 on bits order websites and Games Workshop does not sell them separately. Go figure. They kind of look intimidating.

I also worked on the rest of the packs.. and here's what pissed me off. There are no melta guns. NONE. They don't come in the box. I guess GW was too busy stuffing the box with plasma guns and plasma pistols. Oh, also.. no flamers. ; ( I had to order the blisters containing melta guns and even then they were a pain in the butt to put. Whatever. Melta weapons are so awesome they deserve the hassle. I also decided to be silly and for my Mark of the Wulfen guy decided to try a double-sided, double-edged chainsword... just because. Will make sure to give him orange and black face paint. ;P

That's right. He's gonna pop a melta cap in your heretical ass.

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