Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It came from 4chan: Spider thread? Spider thread.

Welcome to the first season premiere of Wolves for the Wolf God's newest series:

In which I, Skarvald the Troll-faced, venture into the deepest, darkest corners of the Internet, nay - into the web's Eye of Terror in search of those with talent bestowed by the Chaos Gods themselves.

Think of it like a spin-off of DFG's It Came From the Forums series, except instead of lurking forums I'm lurking and posting hobby-related stuff from the... deeper parts of the web. Seriously though, I really like the comparison to the Eye of Terror. Everyone knows of 4chan and its infamy. Many avoid it due to its NSFW nature, the trolling, the shocking images..  but then again many visit 4chan for the same reasons. However, if you have been there then you know that amongst the corruption there lies talent and forbidden knowledge worth the Insanity and Corruption points gained while browsing 4chan's image boards.

There are a lot of things worth seeing! For example the /tg/ image board (it stands for "traditional games) is basically 60% Warhammer 40k and when people are not betting on who's going to kill Matt Ward or posting models sloppily covered with layers of thick paint you can find a lot of cool ideas, models and even fluff (ever heard of the Angry Marines? Okay.. maybe not the best example..) With the It Came From 4chan series I hope to show you some of the cool things that appear occasionally on 4chan while at the same time inspiring people to keep doing what they are doing and to stop muckin' about.

So lets start with our first worshipper of Chaos..

... who just happens to call himself the Slaaneshi Whore Lord. Told you..

Now, Slaaneshi Whore Lord was posting in a thread about current hobby projects. Someone started talking about the new Orcs and Goblins book, their competitiveness, options, etc. etc. and SWL started talking about his ever-increasing Goblin Spider Tribe. Now, you all know how much I like spiders, yet even I cannot deny the coolness factor of a bunch of Forest Goblin Spider riders all in rank and file. Then Slaaneshi Whore Lord said he had like 140 of them and I was like..

No, actually I said "PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN, you glorious bastard!". Slaaneshi Whore Lord then promised that he is a man of his word and first thing today he sent me an e-mail with his gobbos and spiders.

148 bases of spiders on the wall, 148 bases of spiders..
First was a shot of his skittering eight-legged horrors. All 148 of them. Seriously, check it out, guys. It's not just 148 gobbos, which is too much even for a horde of them. It's 148 gobbos on 148 spiders all moving very, very fast towards your troops with the promise of sticky, virulent death.. on a stick.
So.. thank god I can hire out a wizard with Lore of Fire in Storm of Magic. Oh, and Giants. Giants everywhere!

"I didn't plan on having about 150 spider riders but when I had them I just kinda rolled with it." - Slaaneshi Whore Lord

So what's the deal with the spiders anyway? Our 4chan friend summarized his decision to run spiders and gobbos.. 
"I started building this army about 4-5 months ago after the O&G codex was announced, and after looking over it several times I decided I wanted to make an entire army of a spider tribe, I decided that the best way to do said project would be to bid on spider riders and anachnarok crews on ebay, while trading for the old Goblin sets from the Battle for skull pass sets, and now. Well I would say the proof is in the pictures. My army is built and only needs to be painted now."
He then showcased his Arachnarok abominations. 
Needless to say Arachnarok Spider #1 is NOT a house spider.
Arachnarok Spider #2 is incredibly lucky.
And #3 is just plain creepy.

As you can see, all the models have been built and primed with white primer, ready to be painted with bright, vibrant colors. He also had a boss on a spider, which so far blends perfectly with its surroundings. Honestly, it took me a while to even notice it. I'm also pretty sure that there was a Golden Demon painter at Games Day Baltimore 2010 that used a similar concept for his diorama. Makes sense, though - spiders are big as it is, not really ranged.. so why not put them up high for everyone to see them? It's not like it can or would hide behind the gobbos..

Have fun painting all them feathers, buddy.. :P

And above you can see some of the many goblins that will one day be fully painted and WILL stab things to death with their pointy sticks. Obviously the Slaaneshi Whore Lord has a lot of work to do. Heck, even thinking of starting such an army is a bold thing to do. I personally cannot wait to see some more paint on them. They will look so cool all painted and based, ready to creep out little girls and grown-ups alike!

Part of the plan is now that more people know about this project, Slaaneshi Whore Lord will have one more reason to sit on his lazy ass and paint his plastic little dudemen. Think of it as inspiration through peer pressure. 

So.. if you'd like to see more of SWL's spider army please let him know in the comments below and I promise to pester him for WIP pictures and who knows - maybe a battle report or two.


  1. A really cool idea to bring some of these things - I've loved the from the forums posts as I don't have the time to trawl the forums, and this just adds to that.

    SWL, definitely want to see some W.I.P. shots so do keep on working on that army.

  2. Couple months ago I was a t a cross roads where I was selecting my first Fantasy Army. The choice was Skaven vs a Goblin Spider army. In the end the Skaven won due to a friend telling me that an all spider goblin army would not be very effective game wise. Love the post and the concept even more.


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