Thursday, August 25, 2011

It came from 4chan: Vox Casters are worth it!

In which we learn about the awesomeness of Anonymous voice actors, vocaroo and how things can quickly become way too epic for us mere mortals to handle...

This second installment of It came from 4chan will be brief, but it is packing a mean punch.
Today's talent was found while browsing /b/ throughout the little hours of the day. Someone had a Vocaroo thread and was willing to read things out loud for people... just for SNG's.. you know. Now, usually such threads are full of fail and the mastermind behind them is a troll or some amateur with way too much time on his hands, but this time Anon delivered.

This time there was (I'm guessing..) a professional voice actor and with each recording it was getting rea. Real fast. As the Anonymous voice actor was reading out people's requests (which ranged from filth to recitations of Whitman's O Captain! My Captain and Christopher Walken impressions) I actually panicked, because I had no idea what to requiest. No idea at all. And then I decided to copy&paste a little "narrative" that I wrote some time ago - on this blog, actually.

Remember the Planetstrike massacre against my friend's Blood Angels? Read it! 

It was a truly epic game in which there really were no victors and almost no survivors. After the battle I sat down and jotted down a few lines to commemorate the event, words that Skarvald the Troll-faced would have said.. probably while drinking and feasting in the Great Hall among the other Wolf Lords. Something like that:

"Like angels of death they descended behind our lines - Blood Angels. Feh! I could smell the stench of the promethium burning inside their jump packs.. Even the iron discipline instilled in our Thunderwolves could not stop them from growling impatiently, wishing without a doubt to rend the Angels to shreds as we lurked from afar. Our bastions fell and we died like the Emperor's dogs should - with dignity and ferocity only rivaled by the treacherous Angels. As our Battle Brothers died, me and my Thunderwolf Guard taunted them by infiltrating their own stronghold as we desperately tried to win precious time for our reinforcements. We faced their charge with a counter-attack of our own and I made sure to punish every Blood Angel sevenfold for every dead Space Wolf. With cunning akin to Lukas the Trickster's, we managed to hold the Angel's fortress (or what was left of it!) but even when our Wolf Brothers arrived, the tide of this savage massacre did not favor us. And praise Russ - neither did it favor the Blood Angels"
- Skarvald the Troll-faced
It really isn't anything special.
But then Anonymous read it out loud and the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

I... I love it. It sounds like the best audio book ever, haha.. 
I guess that what I wasnted to share with you at the moment. Not too hobby-related, except for the "fluff" and coolness factor. Hope you guys liked it.


  1. Holy crap, that did sound really good. The voice guy did a great job reading your fluff... neat!

  2. That guy did a fantastic job reading your work. Get him on the payroll haha.

  3. I would, but I doubt I'd be able to actually pay him anything. At all. LOL
    And.. he is Anonymous, after all. We have no idea who he is, what he is or what he actually does for as living.


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