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It came from 4chan: Interview with Fabricator General Scriptarius!

Welcome to yet another edition of It came from 4chan! This time I bring you a memeber of the Adeptus Mechanicus that has been lurking the boards of /tg/ for years. His conversions are legendary! From his gingerbread Titan and Stompa to his 40k Nativity Scene and his conversions of the Primarchs, he is well known to many and now Wolves for the Wolf God is going to introduce him to the safer regions of the galaxy. Let me introduce you to..
Fabricator General Scriptarius!
Q: Thanks for joining us today, O Great Fabricator General Scriptarius! First thing in the list, why do you call yourself that?
A: The story began back in late 2007. My first real thing I did on /tg/ was a comic (that was never finished), and while writing for it, I used the name "Original Scriptfag", so it would be easier to tell me from anonymous people tossing ideas later, after I began posting in conversion threads, people started noticing me and asking me to give some pointers. Whenever I made a thread, I used the name Scriptarius, based on my old Scriptfag name, but swapping the fag suffix for a more 40k-themed one.

It was in the christmas of 2009, after I made the Gingerbread Stompa, that /tg/ gave me the title of Paragon, taken from Dragon Age Origins and later in the christmas of 2010 when I revealed the Gingerperor, I was promoted to Fabricator General after some debate originally I was going to be called God King Scriptarius, but it was changed to Fabricator General to keep it 40k, and because people felt it fit my conversion theme so in short, I called myself Scriptarius because I used to write scripts for /tg/, and the Fabricator General part is a given title.

Q: And the title does make sense. It's a rare thing to receive praise on 4chan, but it looks like you deserve it. What made you use 4chan's /tg/ as your way of sharing your work?
The Gingerperator, 2010
A: I was first introdiced to 4chan by other sites I used, like Newgrounds and YTMND. I came to know about /tg/ through some research, and it's calmer, more serious attitude compared to boards like /b/ was to my liking. Eventually I wanted to contribute to the community, which lead to me posting some of my earlier works. /tg/ liked them and I kept on posting, taking in their criticism and praise alike What I liked most about /tg/ was the fact that it was still at it's core, a 4chan board. A no holds barred sort of place where people spoke their minds like they wanted to. In a word, it wasn't a hugbox.
 Adding to that the fact that I had already established a small foothold in the community, there was little reason for me to go out to Dakkadakka or Bolter&Chainsword or Coolminiornot etc. so I stayed on /tg/, took requests, and contributed to the community. And when I felt like it, went anonymous and had some more traditional 4chan fun.

Q: Could you tell the readers of Wolves for the Wolf God a little bit about yourself and what makes the Fabricator General.. tick?
The Golden Throne
A: I'm not quite sure myself. When I see a cool new kit, a sweet conversion, a nice piece of art, hear some inspiring music, I often start thinking about making some minis. Sometimes I just think about kits that would fit together nicely to make something, sometimes I get off my ass and head straight for the build table to make something new.
Perhaps it could be summed up as a will to create, or at least change.
Q: So what about you as a person?
A: I'm a 22-year old Finnish IT student and former game designer, who mostly enjoys video games and socializing with friends.
Q: Does the Fabricator just create or does he also dabble as a tactitian? Do you actually play the game?
A: Sadly, no. I don't really have people to play against, save for a small club of people which I left years ago. I could play online but then they wouldn't be my models so it kinda defeats the purpose. As such, my hobby is limited to the more artsy part of the game.
Q: This is a common issue I tend to see throughout Europe: talented people who can't find people to play and share the hobby with. Could you tell us a little bit about the Finnish gaming "scene"? Are there other table-top games that are more popular? Does Games Workshop even have a presence there?
 Magnus the Red
A: From what I can tell, there is a scene, sure, but it's limited to certain areas. My town has a game store (well, a shelf in an art store) and the club I mentioned, but the closest GW is quite a way away. As for tabletop in general, I'm not really well initiated to that kind of thing. I know many people play stuff like Magic or Munchkin or Citadels. Some guys I know also play D&D and AFMBE at home with bros, but as for clubs or more organized stuff, all I know is the back room of my usual store has space for gaming, as does the Helsinki GW. That's about it.

Q: Your story is very similar to that of Slaaneshi Whore Lord, even mine... What army could you see yourself playing from the Games Workshop range? Would you do a "fluff bunny" army list, something more balanced or would you rather be the competitive type?
A: From my existing armies, most are quite fluffy. My Black Templard were themed around power armour and storm shields (knights with shields, what's not to like?), my Word Bearers forego lots of competitive edge to look cool (no Obliterators, Plague Marines or Daemon Princes to be found) and my Blood Ravens only have squads from the Dawn of War games. The most extreme case of this is probably my Primarch army, which counts as Caldor Draigo, 17 Paladins and a Dreadknight.

At the other end of the spectrum lies my template-heavy IG, which is more geared towards winning and less around units I wanted to have.Were I to add another army, it would probably be Grey Knights or Tyranids, again set heavily around converted models and less around optimized lists. So in most cases, yeah, fluff wins over power-gaming.

Q: Throne, you have more armies than I do and you don't even have people to play against! Now here comes the real question: Are they painted? And can you tell us about your painting skills?
 Roboute Guilliman
A: Ah yes the infamous painting question. No, I can't paint very well. This is because I've put all my time into kitbashing, so I have no experience with the brush.
As for my armies, only my Blood Ravens are (being) painted by me. I have some third party fire support with painting the Primarchs. As for the other armies and projects, I have no idea. Maybe I'll find people willing to paint them too.
I don't want to do it myself since a good conversion can really be ruined by a bad paintjob. For instance I would never dare to paint my Daemon Primarchs myself.


Q: Oh, I understand you 100%! I also tend to convert things myself and I often make them too complicated, so they stay primed until my fear of runining them disappears.  Unfortunately, the models that don't see paint are also my favorite. Which of your conversions do you cherish the most and why?
A: Picking favourites only diminishes the value of all others.
But if I must, I would probably say The Emperor or Dorn out of my more usual minis, and Gingerperor if I can count that. But these positions change all the time as I build new and better models.
Project: Primarchs of the Imperium
Q: Can you share with us some of your current projects and something that you would really like to convert in the grim darkness of the far future?
A: Right now I'm working on Project: Rediscovery - a remake of Project: Primarchs where I add some finishing touches (or full rebuilds) to my Primarchs
After that, Project: Daemon Primarchs continues with Daemon Fulgrim and Daemon Lorgar. The fastest way to see what I'm doing is checking http://adeptusscriptarius.blogspot.com/p/queue.html. As for what I'd really like to do, I could build a non-edible Titan and finish that giant Inquisitorial fortress terrain I have sitting on top of my shelves.
Project: Daemon Primarchs
 Q: Well, it sure seems like you have some stuff to work on and I bet that many of us are intrigued to see your progress. Thank you for your time, Scriptarius. Any final words?
A: If you have any questions or just feel like having a chat, drop me a message by email or on MSN or Steam. I'm online on most days.
Email: Moisio_5@hotmail.com
SteamID: Spoongaard
 I am also proud to announce that Fabricator General Scriptarius will be writing a series of conversion articles for Wolves for the Wolf God for both his old and current projects. So let us welcome him with a pint of ale or whatever his mechanical implants can handle!

Oh, and because it was specifically requested:
Rape Train!


  1. We do love our Fabricator General, bringing us great joys such as "Rape Train" , a pity it was not featured this article! A really well put interview nonetheless.

  2. Slaaneshi Whore LordAugust 31, 2011 at 11:24 PM

    Great guy that scripty, love chatting with 'im. Glad to be featured on the same site as him.

    Also I should have my first W.I.P. and step by step shots to you later today Skarvald.


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