Saturday, August 13, 2011


Well, the new fantastic Ogre models are not a secret anymore - we've all seen their cavalry, the Stonehorn, the mammoth mount and the amazing Scraplauncher and cannon. Here are some new models that you may have missed, however. This time it's all about character models aka Lord and Heroes:

Golgfag Maneater, the infamous Ogre Maneater Captain
Check out the shark jaw-thing on his back! Yet again Games Workshop surprises us with the amount of detail. As usual - lots of bones, skulls, horns and spikes! This Maneater extraordinaire has so much bling-bling that it would be almost too daunting a task to even start painting him. Notice the skull he's stepping on. Is the model too "busy"? I wonder if the Great Maw shark-jaw thingy is a separate piece - I think swapping it and putting it on a different model might make Golgfag more manageable..

Bragg apparently will be getting Heroic Killing Blow in challenges. Think of him as an Ogre Executioner. I can't decide what I like the most about Bragg - the scars, the crazy unwieldy (even for an Ogre) weapon or the sadistic, potentially masochistic grin?
The Firebelly
Well, this is the Firebelly that everyone has been talking about. This confirms the rumors about Ogres being able to take a Fire mage. Holy crap, check out the flames coming out of his mouth... It's.. it's.. amazing. I'm definitely picking one up as soon as possible. The flames will be a sweet conversion bit for those who would rather not play around with Green Stuff, I suppose.
A lot of people think that the Firebelly is not very Ogre-like. Sure - he's skinnier, definitely more angular (reminds me of the new O&G Savage Orc Boyz) and where there should be fat there are muscles.. But come on.. he's a Firebelly. He burns all calories away.  Also, S4 breath attack? O_O

Hunter on top of a Stonehorn
Loving the little vulture. Does this mean that the hunter will be plastic and a part of the Stonehorn box? His face is definitely scary, but it lack the character of the previous models by a lot. Interesting that the model isn't really holding or has an unsheathed weapon.. but then again you don't need one when you're riding on top of friggin Ludo from The Labyrinth and your pet is corpse-eater. I mean, the fact that you have one means that you at least feed it from time to time.

Mournfang cavalry from a different angle
Even from a different angle the Mournfang models are kind of.. meh, which is unfortunate - the detail is exquisite. This is probably the champion guy, since he has a nifty gun and I doubt that all Mournfangs will be able to shoot.

I've decided to start an Ogre Kingdoms army instead of the Orcs and Goblins army that I was so excited about. I guess I should have learned my lesson from my Skaven-playing days - having to 30+ models on a movement tray is way too annoying, time-consuming, boring... and did I say annoying? I'm sure that the bigger bases of the bulky Ogres, combined with the lower model-count will sweeten the deal for me, but we'll see when the book comes out. We shall see...


  1. Holy cow. 8-) I like them all, especially the firebelly.

  2. Heck, I've been trying to find a reason to start playing Fantasy for a while now...

    Looks like I found one.

  3. NO! There is only one space on that bandwagon and it belongs to ME! ME! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!

  4. Pfft... I've had the "Ooohhh, Shiney!!" syndrome for quite some time now. :)

  5. Well, we shall assemble our armis and then we could meet somewhere and duke it out, Ogre style!

  6. Unreal what GW is pumping out for models these days. I wonder if any of those models are in fine cast or if they are all being done in plastic?

  7. I have a feeling they are mostly plastic, considering the multiple options they put into their larger kits... and all the ogres are larger kits...

    The ones I could see being Fine Cast (and I'm praying they aren't) are the Firebelly, Bragg and the Tyrant.

    I REALLY hope they are all plastic though.

  8. @HOTpanda and Tim: Ae you guys seriously not counting on all of them being FineCast just so that GW can squeeze our hard-earned cash-money-dollars?

  9. Love the firebelly, golgfag and bragg

    I will add all of them to my HeroQuest monster cabinet.

    An each time a hero burns it will be commented with "Yoga FLAME!"


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