Wednesday, August 10, 2011

There's a reason this Khadoran Warjack is Unique..

A White Russian..
I'm talking of course about the Black Ivan warjack: the newest, meanest addition to the Khadoran Empire.
First of all, why wasn't it named Black Jack? Would have been perfect seeing as how it is a black warjack but I guess Privateer Press really wanted to enforce the Soviet vibe of their new model.
But seriously... Have you ever seen a black Russian? I haven't. It has to be a pretty rare sight, right? We are talking about a culture so monochromatic that it has a drink named after its whiteness... ;D

Reminds me of this guy...
There is, however, a legitimate reason for his Unique status. Actually, two reasons in one.
Reason #1: The plastic/resin/whatever abomination that Privateer Press is using is crazy hard to clean! I bet this is not the first time you're hearing this. The Khadoran warjacks are pretty easy to assemble, but getting rid of the flash and mold lines is definitely harder than penetrating their ARM in the game. There were mould lines around and on top of the numerous rivets, around a lot of the fine details as well. Mold lines were also found in places that were hard to reach with a knife but still very visible (behind the knees, feet, etc.). Two big chunks of extra resin were also a pain in the butt to clean - they were located around the head of the warjack. Some pieces like the actual arms had to mold lines at all, but some took hours to clean. Hours. And that's not even including the time I'll need to spend washing them, because.. you know... resin is gross. 
Reason #2: WTF BEAR CLAW? Such a cool weapon, but so annoying to pin. You have to pin all three fingers. That took like 2 hours. The head was a good fit and the shoulder spike thingamajiggers were actually very well done - you don't have to file down the rivets around the shoulders to put them on, because they have little indentations for the rivets. All of the flash is on the bottom as well, so you don't even need to clean it.
Black Ivan fresh from the factory. Pre-paint.
Man am I happy to be finally done with this model... It has great stats and some great synergies with Kommander Harkevich. I would say something about its fluff but you know.. the book that he's supposed to be in has yet to be released so all I have is this lousy black Russian robot with a bear claw. But hey, that's my first Warmachine model. Not 100% built - still needs some green stuff where the claws are, but he's lookin' alright for now.


  1. Yeah I've seen a black russian... Its a white russian without the milk.

    I'm actually not joking, either.

  2. I thought a black russian was with coke instead of milk?

    Also,cool model, it'll look nice when painted.


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