Friday, August 12, 2011

Excitement Abounds

Space wolves really love strawberry
Hey everyone, its Frozencore Joe here, with a little frozen treat to beat the heat. You may or may not know of me already, I seem to be mentioned on this and that blog from time to time. What you might have gathered is that I don't post often, because I am lazy. It isn't for lack of substance, no, my Dark Eldar are still going strong; Skarvald, Brian and I are already gearing up for Adepticon next year. I even started a rather large Blood Bowl League, proving that specialist games aren't dead within our community...and FOOTBALL! I guess I just consider myself more of a doer rather than a reporter, but that should hopefully change. I was recently at Games Day working on the Heroes of Armageddon table with various bloggers of style and repute, and I had a blast. It really made me want to be more active in the community, but I had a problem. You see, if I started posting again things would more or less be the same "post three times in a week then be lazy for two months" deal I had been doing for the longest time. What I needed was a dupe friend that I could trick ask to let me ride his coattails into internet stardom. I just happen to have some sort of bromance with just this sort of sucker, so expect to hear from me every once in a while.
It's kinda like that.
Skarvald handed me some control over his little baby, and oh man, was that a bad idea (and oh so photoshoptacular). I'm sure Skarvald will be on my case to post more regularly; he has been using nagging words like "our blog" for the past week, which seems to be bringing back my fear commitment. Aside from my excellent Photoshop skills, I hope to bring a different perspective to the blog. I am more of a veteran war-gamer than Skarvald, which he seems to think will offer some sort of insight, and I hope that he is right. Expect to see some painting tutorials in the future, a battle report or two, and some joint articles. We have so much more in store. For those of you interested in looking into the past, I have added my old posts from my starving skeleton of a blog to the history of the glorious Wolves for the Wolf God.

I hope you all can enjoy my stay here as much as I will.


  1. I think I just wet myself hahaha.

  2. Excitement abounds.. I almost can't wait. Relax, I don't want your baby I already ate.. :)
    Oh, Joe. Now I want ice cream..

  3. Well... start blogging! I'm one to talk, I've been demotivated since Games Day. Good to see you'll be doing some blogging here in the future.

  4. If the Troll Face doesn't want your baby I will.


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