Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Incoming: Dark Eldar Sslyth and Lhamaean with PICS!

Games Workshop continues to amaze us with the beautiful sculpts accompanying the Dark Eldar range and the ever-increasing Finecast range. This time I have for you a picture of two newest additions to the Archon's Court - the Dark Eldar Sslyth and the Dark Eldar Lhamaean.

Dark Eldar Sslyth and Dark Eldar Lhamaean
The sculpts are once again fantastic!
The Sslyth is definitely my favorite and looks like he should. The model is slightly static, but not as much as the Lhamaean. The resin factor means that he could be used for a plethora of conversions for Tyranids, Dark Elves, perhaps Lizardmen as well. This little scaly fella will run you $15.25 and will be available the day before 9/11.
The Lhamaean is not my favorite, but it does look cool. She looks like most of the female Dark Eldar chicks. Actually, I couldn't help but notice that as of now she is the least scandal-clad female in the Dark Eldar range. Very static and I guess her body could be used for conversions as the head and the weapons are nothing too special. This virulent lady will poison your wallet for $15.25 and will be available the day before 9/11.


  1. Slaaneshi Whore LordAugust 28, 2011 at 9:00 AM

    I plan to pick one of the snake folk myself for one of the Slaanesh warriors of chaos conversions I have in mind.


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