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Conversion Corner: Witch Hunters Land Raider

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Hello, and welcome to Scriptarius' Conversion Corner. With the new Sisters of Battle White Dwarf codex out and several rumors skittering around the net, I thought it might be fitting to take a look at a little something I built quite a while ago with the old Codex: Witch Hunters in mind.
The original plan was to merge elements of the Exorcist with a Land Raider - creating a transport fit for the fiery fury of the Ordo Hereticus and Adepta Sororitas. This later evolved away from the organ tank look and became something more of a Land Raider cosplaying as a cathedral.
Parts used:
-Land Raider
-Sanctum imperialis
The first thing to do was to take some Sanctum Imperialis wall tiles and saw them into the correct height to act as extra armour on the sides of the land Raider. I went with the panel that has the statues holding a sword, since it had a lot of cool elements I wanted on the model. Sadly I was forced to pick between losing some of the handle or some of the blade due to height problems. In hindsight, it would've been possible to just cut a bit out of the statues' legs, keeping the sword more intact, if shorter. It might also have been beneficial to make the plates thinner so they would flow into the sides better. After the side plates I added a pair of extra statues behind the Lascannons on the side to keep the theme consistent. I opted to leave the plates off the Lascannons, since they looked fine on their own, and a more stripped feel felt fitting for a Witch Hunter vehicle. After all, WHs in general looked less bulky than their Daemonhunter counterparts.
Next, I wanted some extra detail on the interior. I cut up a door from the Sanctum Imperialis and used it instead of the usual engine block part at the back. This took some fitting to pull off but gave the interior a more "holy" feel. The sides of the same door were used on the front of the Land Raider, keeping the statue theme running around the machine. These changes aside, the Land Raider was built normally. Changing the front side doors to windows allowed one to look into the tank to see the interior from other angles than just the front ramp, even though the view was nice from there too. (Ignore the gaps, those are there because the tank needed to split into two parts so the interior could be painted.)
Finally, with the core tank assembled, I added various decorative bits from the Immolator sprue to enhance the Ordo Hereticus look. Several parts were tried on for size, including cherubs, wall segements, domes, icons and flags. In the end I went with a fairly simple combo: Sororitas-style Heavy Bolters on the turret, a chunk of wall on the ramp to give it some extra mass, a cherub laud hailer and a glass dome to let in some light into the interior of the tank, as well as large Fleur de Lys plates on the sides. Some Green Stuff was used later to fill out gaps between parts.
If any of you wish to make your own one, I'd suggest throwing in parts from the plastic Venerable Dreadnought kit. It has great stuff like the side panels and guns, all of which look suitably ornate for a project like this. Perhaps you could also try replacing the front side plates with the ones from an Exorcist, and possibly adding an Exorcist Launcher or Karamazov's throne (sans legs) on the top or inside.

And that's how I built my Witch Hunters Land Raider.
If you have any questions about this conversion or converting and kitbashing in general, feel free to contact me or drop a comment in here.
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By Scriptarius
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  1. Quite simple and nice.
    And very clear images and descriptions.

    I like it!

  2. Thats a really nice conversion and does seem to really fit in with the theme of the Witch Hunters. Your guide is also really well written and has great illustrative images - thanks so much.

  3. nice conversion and tutorial, I am liking it so far, especially the front tread armour.

    may I direct you to my humble conversion?:

  4. VERY nice conversion! I want one!

  5. That looks fantastic. Beautiful work.

  6. @Ricalope - at first I liked it, then I saw the rear.
    After that, I loved it. Looks damn good. I think it might have benefitted from a few larger decorations on the sides and possibly from symmetrical cherubs, but those are incredibly minor things.

  7. Now everyone is showing theirs...

  8. Looks like everyone is loving the conversion. Great job, Scriptarius. I could see this being implemented for other armies as well. Showed it to some other people from the store that I inhibit. They loved it as well.


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