Monday, March 21, 2011

Reserves Arrive: Barter Bucket, Belgian Spider Goblin Riders, new fancy paintbrush

First, let me say one thing: The Santa Cruz Warhammer Barter Bucket is AMAZING. After I post this, I am officially going to include them on my sidebar, because the idea of trading items, bitz and kits based on wants/haves without the hassle of having to log-in AND with such simple design is very, very much appreciated. What a great place to find specific bits and items without having to pay eBay or PayPal's fees or pay an arm or a leg to bitz-order websites. <3 Thank you, Barter Bucket! Next.. for the rest:

Shortly after I first posted my info on the Barter Bucket I was contacted by the blog author of Griffit's corner who was interested in trading me a bunch of Forest Goblin Spider Riders from the Battle for Skull Pass set. 15 of them!!! Here's why I need so many. The other awesome part - He is from Belgium, so that makes them even better. I can almost imagine them, slowly drifting across the ocean to find their new home.. In exchange, I'm sending him an OOP metal Killa Kan with a plastic CCW from the new kits and a bunch of Space Wolves bitz.
Been crazy busy and sick these days, so you can imagine my surprise when I received the Spider Gobbos in the mail before I sent my part of the deal. Now that's embarrassing. In all seriousness, though, I was incredibly surprised by the swiftness of the delivery. It took less than a week. Waidaminute, they can't take a Banner of Swiftness!!

Next is the delicious new brush I got! From Secret Weapon Miniatures (and you probably already know what it is..) here comes the Raphael 8404 Kolinsky Sable Brush Size 0. I am actually super excited to try it out. It's so tiny and cute and feel's so smooth. I'll take great care of it... unlike all of the other brushes I've had. SWM definitely surprised me with a fast shipping - 5 days is pretty good and less than a week is good enough for me!

"Da brush is as tall as one.. two.. free. Taller than MANY gobbos!"


  1. I wish you all the luck with the spiders. I had no use for them so I'm happy to help others.


  2. glad you like the bucket. These stories make me very stoked
    Santa Cruz Warhammer


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